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Discord is “gradually” rolling out PlayStation Network Account integration from today

For the first time, Discord has announced that it will be integrating with PlayStation Network (PSN). Discord users will be able to display one‟s PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 action on the messaging app thanks to the new PSN integration. There hasn’t been any official word on when PlayStation 4 owners will be able to link their accounts to Discord since the integration had first been announced in May of last year. As of now, the messaging service can be integrated with some other social and gaming platforms.

Users of Discord can now connect their PlayStation Network accounts to the messaging app, according to a blog post from the company. In May of last year, Sony announced that it had created a minority investment inside the messaging service, which sparked initial interest in the integration.

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PSN account integration for PS4 and PS5 players has been gradually rolled out by Discord. There were also links between PSN and Discord for the team members who confirmed the global rollout. Gamers who use the messaging app will be able to see what games and apps are currently open on their PlayStation 4 thanks to the integration. Additionally, the PSN online ID can be displayed on the Discord profiles of players.

  • Go to User Settings
  • Connections and select the PSN logo from the list to connect your PSN account on your desktop.
  • Users can then enter their PSN login information in a pop-up window that appears once they arrive.
  • Navigate to Settings > Connections > Add in Discord
  • A list of services that can be integrated is shown to the user.
  • Enter your PSN credentials by clicking on the PSN option.

Display on Profile as well as Display PlayStation Network even though your status are two options that can be selected after logging in. Allows your friends to see what you’re up to on the PlayStation and Discord for what you’re playing.

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