Disneyland Hacks: Make Your Vacation More Memorable By Using These Tips!

Disneyland Hacks

Everyone enjoys a good trip to Disneyland, even the most ardent Disney fans! There are a tonne of little-known strategies for making the most of your time and money while in the park if you want to raise your game for your upcoming visit to the happiest place on earth.

A lot of these suggestions are applicable to other Disney parks, but others are unique to the original Disneyland resort. Continue reading for Disneyland tips that will help you on your upcoming visit and save time, money, and stress.

Disneyland’s Best Tricks

When Planning Your Journey, Use Crowd Calendars:

While it is still possible to have a good time at Disneyland even when it is busy, it is much preferable to attend when it is not as busy. Use crowd calendars like isitpacked.com and rmhtravel.com to identify the ideal travel days and learn about any activities that might result in higher than typical park attendance.

Always try to avoid weekends, especially those that fall on holidays. Consider going to the park on Christmas Day as a pleasant activity. Likewise, everyone else in the world does. Stop doing it.

On Days with Magic Morning Admission, Visit the Opposite Park:

On Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, anyone who purchases a 3-day hopper ticket is entitled to early access into Disneyland Park, while on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, guests of one of the Disneyland hotels are entitled to early entry into California Adventures.

This sounds fantastic – an additional hour before the masses arrive, but unless you want to be at the park and wait in line an hour before your early access time, your best option is to simply visit the other park on those mornings for fewer crowds (so head straight to Disneyland on MWF, and start at CA on TThS).

If You Can, Try to Stay Close Enough to Stroll to The Park:

Disneyland Hacks

Although it may seem like it will save you time and energy to park at Disneyland, doing so can be a tremendous nuisance, especially during peak hours (plus it costs $20). We stayed at a hotel that was precisely three-quarters of a mile from Disney’s entrance gates, and we could walk there in less than 15 minutes each morning.

On one occasion, we made the decision to drive, and it took almost an hour to park, take the tram, and get to the front gates. Any hotel listed as being within half a mile of the park entrance is walkable, and there are many hotels along Harbor Blvd in the same block as Disneyland that provides convenient access.

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Consider Using the Art Shuttle if You Are Unable to Walk:

This shuttle, which is run by the city of Anaheim, stops close to the entrance gates and picks up at the majority of the hotels in the Disney region.

It might even be less expensive and generally faster than parking, depending on how many people are in your family. Most local hotels sell tickets. Just keep in mind that in order to board it, your stroller must be folded.

Arrive at The Park Early:

You want to wake up early because you’re on vacation. Understandable to me. Before 10:00 a.m. is THE BEST time to be at the park because everyone else likes to sleep in as well. To avoid waiting in line, try to arrive at the park up to an hour before it opens.

You might be able to ride more rides in the first few hours of the day than you can the rest of the day put together if you’re prepared to get up early. Although it may seem more enjoyable to stay up late and spend the evening in the park, it is always worthwhile to go to bed and rise early when possible.

To Monitor Wait Times, Download the Disneyland App:

Disneyland Hacks

The Disneyland app features a map that will assist you to navigate as well as information on all the rides’ current wait times and any temporary ride closures (on our visit, each day a couple of rides closed for an hour or two due to wet weather or other maintenance issues).

This can save you a lot of time by avoiding the need to go the entire length of the park to a ride that is closed or has a line that is too lengthy for you to wait in.

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Utilize Quick Passes:

Popular rides don’t require you to wait in line for two hours; instead, you simply have to wait 10 to 15 minutes. You obtain fast passes by heading to the attraction and putting each of the tickets from your group into a fast pass machine there.

With your fast pass, you’ll have a one-hour return window during which you can come back without waiting in line (and you need to come during that hour).

Fast passes are unquestionably the best option for rides where the average wait time is two hours, such as Hyper Space Mountain at Disney and Radiator Springs Racers in California.

The MAXPass is a new add-on Fast Pass system available at Disneyland. Find out everything there is to know about MaxPass here before deciding whether to buy it.

Look for Fast Passes with The Earliest Return Times and Purchase Those First:

Disneyland Hacks

One thing to keep in mind concerning fast passes is that you can’t purchase a lot of them at once. In most cases, you are unable to obtain another quick pass until the return time listed on your pass.

Therefore, if you get a fast pass for Hyper Space Mountain at 9 am with a return time of 10:30, you won’t be able to get another fast pass until 10:30.

You ought to use the Fast Pass Return at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad first if it is available at 9:30. Then, starting at 9:30, you can ride Thunder Mountain before quickly passing by Hyper Space Mountain (or something else).

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Send a Runner as Quickly as You Can to Obtain Additional Fast Passes:

Send a member of your group who has tickets for everyone to get your next fast passes in advance of riding Hyper Space Mountain if your Hyper Space Mountain pass begins at 10:30. (or if you have a runner willing to skip some rides, send him while everyone else is riding). ETA: This won’t be necessary if you buy a MaxPass!


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