Donald Cerrone Net Worth – An Eye On His Records, Personal Life, And Much More!

Donald Cerrone Net Worth

Donald Cerrone is a contemporary mixed martial artist and a former professional kickboxer. He is competing in the UFC’s welterweight class.

Bio of Donald Cerrone

Donald Anthony Cerrone, also known as Donald Cerrone, is a well-known and prosperous American personality. On March 29, 1983, Donald was born in Denver, Colorado, in the United States. According to his parents, Donald Cerrone was one of the most obnoxious kids. Donald was a very difficult child from a young age.

He liked to get into childish fights, and as a result, he frequently spent the night in jail. Donald was sent to his grandparents’ home by his parents due to his unpredictable conduct and arguments. Donald’s grandparents gave him free hands, and as a result, he started getting into fights more frequently.

But his grandma frequently said, “You know what you need to do,” to him. This was very helpful to Donald, and shortly after finishing school, he began training in Muay Thai and Kickboxing.

Donald Cerrone’s career earnings and net worth:

Donald Cerrone Net Worth

Donald Cerrone, a former professional kickboxer and professional mixed martial artist, has a $9 million net worth. Donald, often known as “Cowboy,” has occasionally been among the top 5 lightweight UFC competitors in the world.

He has been dubbed the UFC fighter with the busiest schedule. Since 2013, he has participated in at least four fights annually. Donald was promised at least $2 million to take on Conor McGregor at UFC 246 in January 2020. Before this battle, he had made slightly more than $6 million in his career.

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The Career and Awards of Donald Cerrone

An extremely well-known American, Donald Cerrone has excelled in both kickboxing and mixed martial arts. Donald started out in kickboxing and then transitioned toward boxing. His boxing career, however, was short-lived and ended in defeat. Although everyone can enjoy his kickboxing career.

Donald has competed in 29 professional kickboxing bouts, winning 28 of them. Since he has never dropped a fight, he is unquestionably the best kickboxer in the world. Donald began his career in mixed martial arts following his success in kickboxing. He began as a lightweight fighter and has since excelled. At the moment, Donald competes in the UFC’s welterweight category.

Donald Cerrone has received numerous honors and awards. He has won numerous titles, including the KDC Amateur Welterweight Championship, the Fighter of the Year award in 2009, the Breakthrough Fighter of the Year award in 2011, and others.

UFC record of Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone Net Worth

After that, he won 6 straight fights before losing by no contest against Kenneth Alexander. After two consecutive victories in WEC over Rob McCullough and Danny Castillo, Cerrone’s first defeat came by a razor-thin technical split decision to Jamie Varner.

With a 13-3 winning streak, Cerrone joined the UFC. At UFC 126 on February 5, 2011, he made his UFC debut. He faced Paul Kelly, winning the first round via submission.

The next three fights were won consecutively. Nate Diaz defeated Donald Cerrone for the first time in a UFC fight on December 30, 2011.

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Before being knocked out for the first time in his career in a KO loss against Anthony Pettis, Cerrone recovered with two victories.

Cerrone embarked on a remarkable 8-fight winning streak after suffering a defeat to Rafael dos Anjos in August 2013 until falling to RDA in a lightweight title match.

The following winning streak was also impressive. Jorge Masvidal applied the breaks on Cerrone this time.

Cerrone has not achieved a single victory since May 2019. He has lost his last five fights. Cowboy has an MMA record of 36 wins, 16 defeats, and two no-contests.

Personal Life and Endorsements

Donald Cerrone Net Worth

He is married to Lindsay Sheffield, and the two of them have two kids together, Riot River Cerrone and Dacson Danger Cerrone. Cerrone is well-known in the UFC and has a wide range of sponsors, including Budweiser, Monster Energy, Henry Rifles, Toyo Tires, and Sheath Underwear.

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Assets of Donald Cerrone

Steven Crowder, a highly well-known individual, is the owner of a sizable number of assets. He owns a lot of real estates, including his home in Denver, Colorado, the city where he was also born. Steven currently resides in Edgewood and has a stunning home. In addition to those, he also owns further properties.

Steven Crowder has a very respectable collection of automobiles, which includes some of the most expensive and unusual vehicles. He drives a gorgeous Range Rover that has been customized. He also owns a Mercedes GLK, Lexus, and a Chevrolet.


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