Dota: Dragon’s Blood S3 Release Date & First Look

Dota: Dragon’s Blood S3 Release Date & First Look

The second season of Dota: Dragon’s Blood premiered on Netflix in January 2022, but the production team has been working nonstop to deliver fans the third episode of the adult animated epic tale to our screens as soon as possible.

Producers stated that Dota: Dragon’s Blood season 3 is coming to Netflix in 2022 during Netflix’s Geeked Week 2022 celebration!

The animated series is based on Valve’s popular Dota 2 game. While nothing is known about the narrative of the third season, the Netflix Media Center’s basic summary for the show reads:

“The epic fantasy series follows Davion, a legendary Dragon Knight dedicated to eradicating the plague from the face of the earth. Davion becomes engaged in events far greater than he could have ever anticipated after meetings with a strong, ancient eldwurm as well as the royal Princess Mirana on her own secret quest.”

Do you want to know when the third season of Dota: Dragon’s Blood will be released? Or perhaps you’d want to get a sneak peek at the upcoming season? Then keep reading because we’ve got the most recent information!

Recap of Season 2 of Dota: Dragon’s Blood

During the first season, a merchant informs Mirana that she is a princess. Mirana was afterward on the edge of succumbing to a hypnotizing power. Mirana heard sounds from a relic after touching it. There was also a puzzle to solve.

Mirana was the sun’s eye or the eye of the World Worm. Slyrak sparkled with light and reverted to Davian when Mirana touched him. He was no longer enslaved by Slyrak. The father was being taken over by Terrorblade.

Mirana is killed by Vinari, but as the sun’s rays contact her body, she returns back to life. While all of this was going on, a new villain emerged. The kingdom was seeking a new ruler after Shabarra’s assassination.

Dota: Dragon’s Blood S3 Release Date & First Look

Legatus and Lena presented themselves as the new heirs to the kingdom. They soon recognized, however, that Mirana was the genuine successor to the kingdom. Legatus decides to unite with Lena, and Lena takes over as ruler of the realm.

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Mirana is able to view the eye with Mercy’s aid, and her actual identity is revealed. Kashura wished to hand up the throne to Mirana, but Mirana refused. Mercy is killed in a battle between the two of them.

Mirana is taken aback, and she erupts in a rage. People are able to witness her strength. Lena was later discovered to have ordered the assassination. Mirana eventually became the new ruler, and she married Davian.

When will Season 3 of Dota: Dragon’s Blood be available on Netflix?

If you haven’t already, be ready for the third season of Dota: Dragon’s Blood to premiere on Netflix later this year! The studio behind the successful show’s animation has stated that the series will return to the streaming service on August 11, 2022.

The third season of Dota: Dragon’s Blood has been revealed.

Dota: Dragon’s Blood S3 Release Date & First Look

Studio Mir, the animators behind the smash Netflix shows The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, and The Boondocks, published a brief video on Twitter to tease fans with what to expect from the forthcoming highly anticipated third season.

“The Eye opens… and the Beginning of the End is here,” the tweet started. Take a look at the video and tweet below.

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Season 3 Cast and Characters of Dota: Dragon’s Blood

The cast of Dota: Dragon’s Blood’s third season has yet to be disclosed. This post will be updated as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we’ll take a short peek at the Dota: Dragon’s Blood season two cast.

Dota: Dragon’s Blood S3 Release Date & First Look

The following are the members of the Dota Dragon’s Blood cast and crew:

  • Davion is played by Yuri Lowenthal.
  • Sagan will be played by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • The invoker will be played by Troy Baker.
  • Slyrak is played by Tony Todd.
  • Mirana is played by Lara Pulver.
  • Fymryn is played by Freya Tingley.
  • The character of Luna will be played by Kari Wahlgren.
  • Selemene will be played by Alix Wilton Regan.

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What Could the Story of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 3 Be?

There’s no way of knowing what the narrative for DOTA: Dragon’s Blood season 3 will be because Netflix hasn’t released it yet.

Selemene became the new Goddess of the Moon, Fymryn returned to meet her, as well as Slyrak was dispatched to fight Terrorblade, as Season 2 ended. Season 3 of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is expected to feature Tony Todd’s Slyrak battle with Terrorblade, Mirana’s reign over her realm, and the fallout from Selemene and Fymryn’s encounter.


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