Elon Musk Declares He Will Boost Employee Childcare Benefits!

Elon Musk Declares He Will Boost Employee Childcare Benefits

Billionaire Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Inc. and SpaceX, announced on Friday that he intends to “substantially” enhance child-care benefits at his businesses.

He wrote on Twitter, “Hopefully other firms do the same.” The CEO added that the privately funded Musk Foundation “plans to donate directly to families.”

If at all feasible, kids are worth it, he wrote.

The eight-month-old twins’ father, a top executive at Musk’s artificial intelligence start-up Neuralink, was revealed to be their father this week, according to news reports. Musk and Shivon Zilis, Neuralink’s head of operations and special projects, asked a Travis County judge to rename their two children in April.

Elon Musk Declares He Will Boost Employee Childcare Benefits

Insider broke the story of the petition, making the world aware of the existence of two of Musk’s nine children. Zilis formerly worked for Bloomberg Beta, which is the venture capital division of Bloomberg LP, the company that owns Bloomberg News.

Musk’s message on social media on Friday came in response to a question posed on Twitter by a user who wanted to know what advice he would give people who don’t have many kids because it’s expensive. The television host Nick Cannon, who on Thursday claimed to be “right there with” Musk in having a large family, was also included in the response. Seven kids are born to Cannon.

What Tesla Has to Offer Right Now

According to the most recent impact report from the company, Tesla presently provides benefit and leave options to all full-time employees in the US. Up to $40,000 in fertility services, $25,000 in adoption services, $25,000 in reproduction services, including donor and surrogacy, 16 weeks of paid family leave, and payment for nine weeks of maternity leave are some of these. Additionally, the business provides five additional days of staff backup childcare.

The corporation stated in the study, “We want our benefits to be an outlier in the manufacturing industry.

Many American families are struggling as a result of rising child care costs and the lack of mandated family leave.

Many women were forced out of their job during the pandemic due to a lack of accessible childcare, particularly while employers required staff to return to the workplace. (Elon Musk just wrote an email to Tesla staff requesting that everyone put in at least 40 hours a week.)

Elon Musk Declares He Will Boost Employee Childcare Benefits

According to a poll conducted by the employment website Care.com, more than half of parents of children under the age of 15 said they spent 20% or more of their family income on child care in the previous year. That price is more than the baseline for affordable child care set by the US Department of Health and Human Services, which is a 7 percent cost increase.

The Family and Medical Leave Act does not apply to 44% of American employees, disproportionately low-income people, women, and people of color. As a result, their employees are not protected even if they desire to take time off without pay when they have a new baby or become ill.

According to the think tank Center for American Progress, Americans and their families lose an estimated $22.5 billion in wages per year as a result of the absence of paid family and medical leave.


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