Improving Email Deliverability: Factors to Consider!

Email deliverability: factors which should be considered

It’s important to inform customers about products, services, and other offerings, and email marketing may be a very powerful medium for doing so. However, sending a message and waiting for it to arrive in a customer’s inbox are quite simple tasks. Email deliverability has a role in this.

Email deliverability: What is it? It is the capacity to deliver emails to customers’ inboxes, which is where they should be. However, why is email deliverability crucial? How does it differ from the delivery rate, and why?

Deliverability gives you extra information about exactly where the emails were received, whether they were in the inbox, spam folder, or other locations like the promotions or social tabs in Gmail. The delivery rate informs you how many emails weren’t bounced or rejected.

Deliverability is a good indicator of how well an email campaign performed and is basically essential for making sure your messages get to your clients.

What steps can you take to guarantee a high deliverability rate? The following email deliverability parameters will affect whether customers receive your communications, whether they are routed to the spam folder, or whether they are completely blocked.

Email deliverability: factors which should be considered

4 Elements that Influence Email Delivery

  1. Spam detectors
  2. erroneous email addresses
  3. reports of junk mail
  4. Low involvement

1. Spam Detectors

In the early days of email, recipients used to receive anything and everything at once, most often the stuff they wanted. Then spammers began to clog up inboxes and compete for users’ attention. When email users required assistance, internet service providers (ISPs) stepped in. They developed a method to keep such spam communications out in collaboration with other gatekeeper ISPs, mailbox providers, and anti-spam solution vendors.

This, however, is not a story. Your energy utility is obviously not a scammer, but if email filtering systems don’t give your messages the green light, they could still be blocked or sent to rubbish.

In order to identify which emails should be labeled as spam, anti-spam filters examine the entire email, from the sender to the footer. All of this occurs in real-time; if the filter notices these warning signs, your email may be sent to the junk mail folder even before it has been sent:

  • Sending a Lot of Letters at Once or At Unusual Hours
  • The Identity of The Sender Is Not Verified with Is Ps
  • Being in Bad Standing or Being Listed on Third-Party Blacklists
  • The Large Email with Attachments (above 60 Kb)
  • Using Phrases Like “act Now” and “risk-Free” Frequently in Spam
  • Inconsistent Branding, Using Domains for Links that Ask for Action, and Forwarding Domains

Email deliverability: factors which should be considered

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2. Incorrect Email Addresses

Deliverability can also be impacted by how frequently your energy provider sends messages to incorrect addresses. There are two ways that addresses can be marked as “invalid”:

  • Emails bounce: Emails that are sent will “bounce,” or be rejected by a mail server if the recipient’s mailbox is full, the service is down, or the address contains typos.
  • The Address Is Not Occupied Right Now: A subscriber’s address will be flagged as inactive if they haven’t opened an email from your business in a year, or even a month in some situations.

Even if other receivers are opening and responding to your emails, continuing to send to these email addresses will harm your deliverability.

3. Mail-Junk Reports

When a recipient tags your email as spam, that may be the clearest sign to an ISP that it might be spam. This may occur if a recipient forgets that they signed up for your mailings, doesn’t find the information relevant, or wishes to swiftly and easily unsubscribe from your email list.

Even while you can’t completely stop it, sending more emails to these individuals may harm your messages’ future deliverability and the way ISPs interpret them.

Email deliverability: factors which should be considered

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4. Low Participation

ISPs keep track of recipients’ actions even after an email has been sent. They can examine how long an email is opened, whether the receiver reads through it, whether links are visited, and other factors.

If your recipients don’t respond favorably to your material, ISPs can classify you as a sender with low or negative engagement, which would further damage your reputation and raise the likelihood that you’d fall victim to a spam trap.

Increasing Email Deliverability Rates: A Guide

No need to be afraid. With the following advice, you may increase email deliverability and repair any harm done in the past:

Develop organic subscriber lists. Give clients the option to opt-in to emails, choose the communications they want to receive, and decide how frequently they want to hear from you.

Clarify your expectations. Your correspondence should begin with a welcome note that establishes the tone for subsequent emails and makes your consumers aware of the services you offer.

Content should be interesting and relevant. Disengaged recipients are problematic for both spam filters and customer relationships. Provide the excellent material that your subscribers want, and make your subject lines interesting, succinct, and helpful.

Create a consistent deployment schedule. ISPs may suspect you of wrongdoing if you send too frequently or unpredictably, as was previously described. Consistency with your customers and ISPs is established by setting a regular timetable for email dispatches.

Reactivate dormant subscribers or cancel them. With the help of a targeted re-engagement campaign, you may bring back disgruntled subscribers and purge your list of those who don’t participate or opt-out.

Maintain proper list hygiene. Senders should frequently verify email lists for broken or misspelled addresses, erase duplicate recipients, and remove addresses that show up as bounces or who have unsubscribed, advises Questline Digital Project Manager Summer Corson. This may increase their emails’ deliverability and open rates, she claims.

Questline Digital Can Increase Deliverability.

Reaching your customers’ inboxes with our email marketing solutions is simple and stress-free. The email deployment specialists at Questline Digital make sure that your communications demonstrate the favorable email deliverability characteristics ISPs seek out and continuously track transmissions.


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