Encanto Characters In Real Life – Watch Out How They Look Like In Real Life!

Encanto Characters

New fan art depicts how Disney’s Encanto characters might seem in real life. Jared Bush and Byron Howard directed the blockbuster Disney animated picture Encanto, which was released in 2021.

The story follows the Madrigal family and their magical skills, as well as Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz), the family’s lone non-magical member.

Encanto has blockbuster songs penned by Hamilton and Moana composer Lin-Manuel Miranda, and the film has received widespread praise from critics and the public alike since its premiere, even winning the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature at the 2022 Academy Awards.

One of Encanto’s most distinguishing qualities, aside from the music, is its character and world design. The film has been praised for its gorgeous aesthetics, which are largely influenced by Colombian culture, and the animators clearly put a lot of effort into developing each Encanto character’s appearance.

Each character has their own distinct appearance, which frequently complements their level of power. Depending on whether he is shown as his true self or the imagined version in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” the character of Bruno (John Leguizamo) has two distinct faces. Naturally, each figure has the Disney appearance of being a somewhat exaggerated version of reality.

In real life, an artist creates Encanto characters.

Mirabel Madrigal

Encanto Characters

Hidreley Diao is an artist who enjoys the internet, social media, and artificial intelligence. She is a regular contributor to the online journal Bored Panda. For years, Diao has been combining portraiture with AI technology and software.

He’s made fictional sitcom offspring (Jeannie and Tony, Rose and Jack Dawson), as well as historical characters, and the results are incredible. “When we see some animation, it is normal to accept the cartoonish dimensions of the characters without any concerns, after all, we are pretty used to this sort of feature,” Diao says on Bored Panda about his work.

But what if they became real, flesh and blood, as if by a spell? I used artificial intelligence to try to bring them into our reality. Check out my results to see how I performed!”

Madrigal Pepa

Encanto Characters

He’s now turned his attention to pop culture, creating seven images of the Madrigal family from Disney’s big hit Encanto. Diao lends life (actual life!) to his characters. Mirabel is the only member of the Madrigal family who does not have a “gift.”

We can completely envision Mirabel strolling down the street next to us, from her classic curls to a contemporary set of specs! Pepa, Mirabel’s aunt, is next, and her moods determine the weather. The wide eyes and bow-lipped lips of Pepa Madrigal are a flawless, yet more realistic, replica of her appearance.

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Madrigal, Julieta

Encanto Characters

Julieta is the next Madrigal in the family tree. Diao’s representation of her face is full of caring and tenderness, and she can heal you with a meal. Julieta’s hair is a fantastic complement to her temperament, and her eyes, despite their size, are full of charisma.

Madrigal, Bruno

Encanto Characters

We don’t talk about Bruno very often (for the most part), but he deserves to be at the center of this discussion. Bruno’s appearance, albeit youthful, has a striking resemblance to his computer-animated counterpart.

Bruno Madrigal is virtually flawless, from his disheveled locks to his thin goatee. Diao and his clever AI develop huge eyes, a broadening nose, and heavy eyebrows that instantly identify this once-outcast family member.

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Madrigal, Luisa

Encanto Characters

Lusa Magridal, the strong sister (both physically and in character), is a creative wonder in her own right. Julieta’s kid is only depicted from the neck up, yet she manages to capture her character in her face without being comical or fictitious.

We’d want to talk to Luisa about her song, Surface Pressure, once we’ve gotten over the “uncanny valley” of mimicry.

Isabela Madrigal

Encanto Characters

Isabela Madrigal, the flowery, elegant Madrigal grandchild, was the one Disney really wanted to be famous for. Isabela was present, creating dolls, outfits, dress-up sets, and more, but her heroic sister Luisa outsold her.

Isabela, on the other hand, encourages us to consider “what else” we can accomplish with our life. Isabela, played by Diao, has long flowing hair and an elegant appearance, similar to her animated counterpart.

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Madrigal, Camillo

Encanto Characters

Finally, Diao gave Camillo, one of the Madrigals’ younger siblings, the power to shape-shift into other creatures. Camillo’s chameleon-like qualities gained him many fans, as he was both helpful and naughty at times.

Diao’s rendition has a broad nose and youthful eyes, as well as a curly mop and a smile, which are quite similar to the animated image.


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