Facebook Messenger is getting split payment, Audio Controls in US

There will be a split payment option and a new set of audio features added to Facebook Messenger in the US by Meta (previously known as Facebook). The business also introduced a new disappearing message feature that will automatically destroy text messages and other content after a predetermined amount of time.

Some of Meta’s new features include split payment, new voice message recording controls, and disappear mode, which lets users remove messages after a predetermined amount of time.

Meta Split Payments

Meta Split Payments
source: Meta

On both iOS and Android, Split Payments nowadays are available. To split a bill evenly and customise the amount for every person who owes money, users could use + icon in a group chat as well as select the payments tap. It is possible for people to include their bank account information in the app, and to transfer and divide money among multiple groups.

Audio Controls Feature

Facebook Messenger recording controls
source: Meta

The new voice message recording controls feature will let users to pause, preview, delete, or continue recording voice messages before they are sent.. Additionally, the 30-minute voice message time limit has been extended from one minute. In the past, a user could only record audio by pressing and holding the button, and when the finger was released from that button, the message would be delivered immediately.

Vanish Mode

Facebook Messenger Vanish Mode
source: Meta

Its non-encrypted edition of Facebook Messenger didn’t have vanish mode, but hidden messages did. Text messages as well as other content will be able to be erased once they’ve been viewed. Images, GIFs, stickers, plus reactions are also supported. The new mode can be activated by opening an existing chat and swiping up, or it can be deactivated by swiping back down.

We don’t know when some of the new messaging features will be rolled out to the Windows, Mac, and desktop versions of apps and web operations in the United States.

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