Fitbit Charge 6 Won’t Be a Significant Upgrade, According to Reports!

Fitbit Charge 6 Won't Be a Significant Upgrade, According to Reports!

In the near future, the Fitbit Charge 6 is anticipated to enter the company’s lineup of fitness trackers. The Charge 6 is not anticipated to be a dramatic development; rather, the most recent sources indicate that it will share many characteristics with its predecessor.

For those seeking a reasonably priced fitness tracker, Fitbit’s Charge 5 was released in August of last year. The Charge 6, which is the replacement model, is expected to be an economical choice and maintain the same footprint. Perhaps for this reason, Fitbit just made a few changes to the Charge 6 instead of many.

The Charge 6 sports an aluminum body with a curved glass top, according to reliable sources that spoke to 9to5Google. For ECG readings, it also has shiny stripes on the left and right.

By the way, the news shouldn’t come as a surprise to you because Fitbit chose to slightly alter the design language for the Charge 5 wearable after keeping the same design for the Charge 3 and 4 wearables. One of Fitbit’s objectives for its reasonably priced fitness trackers is to keep the design the same for two generations.

The Fitbit Charge 6 was sent to the FCC for the necessary certifications

Fitbit Charge 6 Won't Be a Significant Upgrade, According to Reports!

The FB424 model number is believed to have been the Charge 6’s arrival at the FCC. In light of this, we may say that the debut date is not far off. A Charge 6 handset is being used by Google to test the Wallet feature, according to some sources.

With regard to potential specifications and functionality, Fitbit has been conservative. But according to the source, the Fitbit Charge 6 may also get the “new Body Response sensor” that was added to the Fitbit Sense 2 in order to detect “continuous electrodermal activity (cEDA) for all-day stress management.” The device’s other tracking features will undoubtedly get some upgrades.

Additionally, the precise debut date hasn’t been disclosed. But Fitbit may debut Charge 6 at CES 2023, which would be a great place to do it.


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