You may wonder whether flight club is a scam or not, but you should realise that many individuals ask the same question daily.

To assist you with your inquiry, we have compiled an article containing information about the company and its offerings.

Flight Club is an online retailer of footwear and apparel. There are legitimate high-end sneakers available, yet some claim they are phoney.

There are two sides to every tale, making it difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction, but we analysed customer feedback and acquired relevant details.

We want you to spend your money on the best possible product. Below, you will find Flight club reviews and a discussion of whether or not online purchases from flight clubs can be trusted.

Is Flight Club Legit?

Is flight club a legit website

Yes, Flight Club is an authorised online store and website. Before being placed on store shelves, each pair of shoes sold by Flight club through a quality assurance and review procedure.

Before making a purchase, the majority of customers want to know whether Fight Club is a legitimate business.

Flight club primarily sells footwear online at The domain is almost 20 years old, however the company has been in operation since 2008. Since they have been selling their items for the past 14 years, they may be trusted.

Now, if we consider the product and consumer reviews, Flight club has received several unfavourable ratings. The majority of the review focused on

  • The sneaker received from the Flight club was fake
  • The problem with returning shoes
  • Wrong shoe size

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My Personal Review on Flight Club (Is Flight Club Legit)

My first experience with flight club will be completely truthful, and I will only offer information that will help you determine whether flight club is legitimate or not.

  • What I found was that the product came from DHL hong kong the one thing that really made me mad as it was from overseas.
  • The second thing that made me upset is that after placing the order they took a long time with an answer that they won’t be able to ship the order because of Covid as I placed the order in March.
  • It seems because most of the products come from either overseas or they even display the product that is even not in stock.

I visited to purchase the desired shoe. It’s weird that so many people are shooting films of these folks wearing false shoes, so I’m mentally prepared to see what happens.

Should You Buy from Flight Club

As previously said, flight club is legitimate, however their services are abysmal. They have offline storefronts in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami that I believe are preferable to visit and purchase from.

If you are from these locations or are now located in this area, you should visit their store for incredible Jordan and Nike footwear.

Regarding online purchases through Flight club, though, I am unsure. There are some individuals that receive their orders on time, but the majority do not.

What is Flight Club

Is flight club authentic

Flight club is one of the most well-known sneaker retailers in the United States and a popular site to purchase sneakers.

There are very few other locations where you might purchase these sold-out Jordan and Nike sneakers.

Similar to Ross and Lululemon, Flight Club consistently replenishes their inventory.

Flight club is essentially a retail store where individuals sell new and worn sneakers. Once you have created a seller account, you are able to sell your goods while flight club retains 20% of the commission.

I wish they had more stores in the United States as well as in other nations. I would also request that they improve their service, as it appears that they care more about making money than satisfying their customers.

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How Does the Flight Club Work?

When people are picky, they will undoubtedly find some excellent items in the flight club’s collection. Flight club does not manufacture its own shoes or sneakers, so it fills its stores through a variety of channels.

The Major Source Through Which Flight Club Works Are

  • They have collaborated with many manufacturers and shoe suppliers from Hong kong.
  • They have seller’s accounts where people list their old and new shoes to make money from flight clubs.

This is why individuals search out limited edition or 1990s AirJordan shoes on Flight club, as the website owner posts them.

Flight Club has a team of reviewers who validate the products in their retail and online stores. However, it does not appear to be working as intended, as many buyers receive the incorrect product or size.

Even worse, they lack a refund and return policy that is essential for internet retailers nowadays.

 How to Sell Shoes on Flight Club?

Image of the stock room. Image via Slade Architecture.

Hopefully, you now have an understanding of “Is Flight Club Legitimate or Not?”

Selling shoes on the Flight Club website is a lucrative endeavour for numerous individuals.

If you have a few good collections or are already in the same line of work, you can try your luck here by listing the greatest Jordan, Nike, and Adidas sneaker variants.

In order to start, you need to create your account on their seller page.

  • Visit the Flight club sellers page and create your account by filling in all the information.
  • Once you have created the account, type the name of the shoe brand that you want to sell and then choose the shoes from the list.
  • Look for the shoe that you want to sell and then click on it which will take you to the next page to enter details like shoe size, quantity, lowest price, and lowest consignment price.
  • Once you have submitted these details you need to either ship your shoes to them or you can also drop at their stores.

The commission fee charged by Flight club is 9.5% plus a $5 seller fee. When you decide to cash out, there is an additional 2.9% cash-out fee charged by them


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