Forget Home Pod 2, All Air Play Speakers Could Soon Get Full Apple Tv 4 K Support!

Forget HomePod 2, all AirPlay speakers could soon get full Apple TV 4K support

The first beta of iOS 16.1 was made available to developers last week, and it appears that Apple has been working on a means to let any AirPlay 2 speaker serve as your default Apple TV 4K sound solution.

The older HomePod and the more recent HomePod Mini can both be set to be the Apple TV 4K’s default speakers at the moment, which means that whatever you play from your Apple TV automatically goes through them (though only the discontinued original HomePod can deliver Dolby Atmos audio).

Wouldn’t it be great if your Apple TV 4K (2021)’s wireless sound didn’t disconnect when it went into standby mode, just like your KEF LSX II, Sonos One or any other of the best AirPlay speakers can do? Your wish may soon come true, according to iOS 16.1 beta code found by 9to5Mac(opens in new tab).

As of right now, utilizing an original HomePod as your default Apple TV 4K speaker works quite well indeed. Thanks to that model’s HDMI eARC support, it can even pick up and output Dolby Atmos sound from your PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, or another HDMI-connected device.

Forget HomePod 2, all AirPlay speakers could soon get full Apple TV 4K support

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Analysis: If Apple Didn’t Have Enormous Plans, It Wouldn’t Do This.

How is this all going to take place? In the iOS 16.1 beta, users can pair AirPlay 2 speakers to create a permanent speaker group, according to a report from 9to5Mac. Then, an Apple TV 4K might be configured to use such a speaker group as its default audio output.

It makes sense for Apple to be expanding its horizons now – and the news also lends weight to the much-rumored HomePod 2‘s impending launch, to take up the mantle. Apple actually launched this currently HomePod-specific feature in early 2021, weeks before discontinuing the HomePod (which is the only device capable of delivering it in Dolby Atmos).

Apple has specified that it will introduce its new Home architecture with Matter support later this year, even though the Cupertino corporation hasn’t confirmed any of this. It follows that the distribution of these improved AirPlay 2 speaker capabilities would make sense.

A new Apple TV 4K, an enhanced Apple TV streaming set-top box with a more potent A14 chip and additional memory, is also reportedly in the works for 2022, in addition to a new HomePod.

The wider release of iOS 16.1 cannot come fast enough for the Apple and Siri faithful.


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