Fossil Machine Gen 6 Hybrid Smartwatch Review: Check Out The Pros And Cons Of This Watch!

Fossil Machine 6 Gen Hybrid Smartwatch Review

Although today’s top-tier smartwatches are very sophisticated and feature-rich, their battery life is frequently quite disappointing.

Even high-end devices, like the Apple Watch series, only have a battery life of around a day, so many people may prefer to stay away from them so they won’t have to worry about charging another device every day.

The majority of smartwatches also have an unattractive design; they effectively just act as a screen on your wrist and lack the conventional style and mechanical engineering found in traditional wristwatches.

Hybrid smartwatches can help with that.

A hybrid smartwatch promises to combine the greatest features of both traditional watches and smartwatches, as well as have a far longer battery life than the average premium wristwatch.

That is exactly what the Fossil Machine Gen 6 Hybrid, the smartwatch I’m examining today, is.

The Fossil Machine Gen 6 Hybrid, which starts at Rs. 18,495 in India, features an e-ink display, health and fitness tracking features, Alexa voice assistant functionality, and a battery life of up to two weeks.

Is this hybrid smartwatch the best option for fashion-conscious consumers with a moderate spending limit? Read this review to find out.

Design of the Gen 6 Hybrid Smartwatch from Fossil Machine

Fossil Machine 6 Gen Hybrid Smartwatch Review

The Fossil Machine Gen 6 Hybrid, like the majority of hybrid smartwatches, has a mechanical hour and minute hand and an analog time display.

The hands themselves move to help with the watch’s “smart” feature, so it’s important to note that they aren’t totally mechanical. Instead, the time is set by synchronizing with a smartphone.

Neither a second hand nor a crown is present. The component that resembles a crown is actually a conventional physical button that does not revolve.

On the Fossil Machine Gen 6 Hybrid, two additional buttons are located above and below the central one. These buttons are utilized for navigation and can be configured to open particular home screen menu items rapidly.

The watch contains a microphone on the left side that can be used for voice commands.

An e-ink display located under the hands serves as the platform for the smart capabilities of the Fossil Machine Gen 6 Hybrid smartwatch.

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The magnetic charging system and optical sensors for measuring blood oxygen levels and heart rate are located at the bottom of the Fossil Machine Gen 6 Hybrid.

You may attach the charger to the watch in any orientation because it clamps onto and makes contact with the metal that runs around the center.

The Fossil Machine Gen 6 Hybrid is 3ATM water resistant and connects to the attached smartphone through Bluetooth 5.

It includes a 16MB internal storage capacity and a Fossil Q Intel Atom processor, but this storage is used exclusively for internal purposes and is not available to users.

Application, interface, and software for the Fossil Machine Gen 6 Hybrid Smartwatch

Fossil Machine 6 Gen Hybrid Smartwatch Review

A hybrid smartwatch’s software and user interface should typically be very basic, however, the Fossil Machine Gen 6 Hybrid has a surprisingly sophisticated one for a gadget of this type.

Although the e-ink display could lead you to believe otherwise, it perfectly covers the core functions of a wristwatch.

It provides access to numerous features, like timers, music controls, and weather reports, to mention a few, and has the capacity to clearly render text to display notifications and data.

The hands may be moved out of the way to view the e-ink display’s functional components when viewing notifications, and they automatically snap back into place to show the time once you’re done.

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Even on the home screen, you can see problems on the display by giving the hands a brief shake to force the hands to move around once. A clear view of the display is always possible thanks to this helpful collection of tips.

Surprisingly, the Fossil Machine Gen 6 Hybrid supports the Alexa voice assistant as well.

By speaking into the watch’s left-side microphone, Alexa may be called up by pressing the top button or by navigating to the app’s menu.

Responses appear as text on the screen, and the whole system is connected to your Amazon Alexa account for individualized responses and syncing with any further devices you may own.

The watch has a number of different fitness modes that may be chosen through the menu, including walking, jogging, cycling, and elliptical, among others. On the app, you may view the data from these workouts.

The smartphone and the Fossil Machine Gen 6 Hybrid are connected via the Fossil Smartwatches app, which is accessible on iOS and Android.

Connectivity and synchronization were simple, and the setup and pairing process took only a short time.

The software shows battery life and health tracking data, and you can link your health information to Google Fit or Apple Health at your discretion.

Additionally, you can change the watch faces, albeit this is obviously less complicated than on smartwatches with full-color screens.

Performance and battery life of the Gen 6 Hybrid Fossil Watch

Fossil Machine 6 Gen Hybrid Smartwatch Review

The traditional touchscreen smartwatch and even high-end fitness-focused gadgets from companies like Fitbit and Garmin are very different from a hybrid smartwatch.

With hybrid watches, aesthetics and battery life are priorities, and the Fossil Machine Gen 6 Hybrid largely succeeds in meeting these expectations. Having said that, it functions admirably as a fitness tracker.

The majority of the competition, including the more expensive Wear OS-powered Michael Kors Gen 6 Bradshaw, is significantly worse than this.

The Fossil Machine Gen 6 Hybrid does not have a built-in GPS, but it can utilize tethered GPS to use the smartphone’s GPS to monitor outside workouts like cycling, walking, and running while recording distances.

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This functioned as expected and matched the distance reading I received from my Apple Watch with GPS.

The weather app, stopwatch, timer, and other essential features of the Fossil Machine Gen 6 Hybrid performed as I had anticipated.

Caller ID and any text messages that could be read immediately on the watch were among the notifications that were reliably pushed.

The watch and smartphone remained linked at distances of up to 4 meters, and connectivity was mainly constant.

The Fossil Machine Gen 6 Hybrid’s battery life was good due to the hardware’s efficiency.

I was able to match the company’s claimed runtime of the wristwatch for up to two weeks on a single charge with moderate use, which included frequent notifications from my smartphone, walking exercises, and regular notification pushes.


The idea of a hybrid smartwatch is not new, but consumers have always preferred full-featured smartwatches because these types of watches lack true “smarts” in most cases.

With accurate fitness tracking, Alexa integration, dependable notification pushing, excellent battery life, and a refined appearance, the Fossil Machine Gen 6 Hybrid genuinely strikes a balance between modern smarts and classic mechanical appeal.

I believe that the Fossil Machine Gen 6 Hybrid, which is now available for roughly Rs 20,000, is the best option for genuine all-day wearing and all-occasion adaptability.

This appears to be the future of hybrid smartwatches because of their effective and powerful hardware, affordable price, and superb design.


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