FunnyJunk com is a website that hosts user-generated content (UGC). This means that anyone can upload any type of media they want, with the sole purpose of making others laugh. FunnyJunk com has been around since 1997, and it is considered one of the earliest UGC platforms.

While it’s still popular today, some people are concerned about its safety. Is FunnyJunk com safe? What are the risks associated with using FunnyJunk com? In this blog post, we will answer these questions and more. We will also provide tips on how to stay safe when using FunnyJunk com.

What is is an online repository of humorous images, videos, and GIFs. It was founded in 2006 by John Resig and Casey Nienaber. The site has been registered with the United States Copyright Office since 2007. As of February 2016, FunnyJunk had over 261 million monthly visitors.

According to Alexa Internet, as of February 2016, FunnyJunk was ranked 2,166th in the world for website traffic and 23rd in the United States. In 2012, “Forbes” magazine estimated that FunnyJunk was worth $30 million USD. In October 2015, it was announced that FunnyJunk had agreed to be acquired by Imgur for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition was completed on December 1st, 2015.

How old is FunnyJunk com?

The site was first registered in 2001. Since then it has had a large user base with an average of 20 million page views per day. The website has a database of user-submitted content, which can be accessed by anyone. The website is considered to be safe and does not contain any malicious code.

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Is FunnyJunk Com Safe?

FunnyJunk com is a website that hosts user-generated content, usually consisting of funny pictures and videos. The website was founded in 2007 by two brothers, Jack and Vince Young, who is no longer involved in the site’s operations. In February 2018, FunnyJunk was acquired by IAC, which is the parent company of websites like The Daily Show, Tinder, and

The legality of FunnyJunk com has been questioned on several occasions. In 2011, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) reported that FunnyJunk com was using copyrighted images without permission from the copyright holders.

Two years later, in 2013, Viz Media filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against FunnyJunk com for hosting illegally copied images from manga publisher Shueisha. However, as of February 2019, both lawsuits have been settled out of court with Viz Media receiving a license to use some images from Shueisha while also paying undisclosed damages to FunnyJunk com.

While it is unclear whether or not FunnyJunk com is safe to visit, reports indicate that it has never violated any applicable laws. Furthermore, IAC has stated that it will take steps to ensure that the site remains safe and compliant with current legal requirements.”

Benefits of is a website where users can submit humorous pictures and videos. The website was founded in 2003, and it has since become one of the most popular websites on the internet. The benefits of using include the ability to find funny pictures and videos that are relevant to your interests, as well as the opportunity to share funny pictures and videos with friends.

The website is also safe to use, as it uses a spam prevention system that blocks unauthorized submissions from being posted to the site. In addition, takes measures to ensure that all users are responsible adults who will use the site responsibly.

What are The Pros and Cons of

The pro of is that it provides users with a place to share hilarious content. The con of the site is that it can be used to distribute malware and other types of malicious content. Additionally, may be considered old-fashioned by some users, and its interface may not be as user-friendly as some other popular websites.

Yes, FunnyJunk com is generally considered to be safe from harm. However, like all online platforms, there is always a risk of security breaches so caution should always be taken when using the site.

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FunnyJunk com is an online community that collects and publishes user-generated content, predominantly humorous images. The website was founded in 2007 by Tuomas Riski and Janus Friis. The site has grown to be one of the largest repositories of user-generated content on the internet, with over 5 billion views as of November 2015.

The website has been criticized for hosting offensive content, including sexually explicit material and images depicting violence. In December 2014, FunnyJunk was accused of facilitating piracy by serving as a repository for pirated content. In response, the site removed some pirated content and instituted a copyright policy that requires users to verify their identity before submitting copyrighted material.

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