Gabby And Rachel’s Men Insult Clayton In The Bachelorette’s Premiere!

Gabby And Rachel's Men Insult Clayton In The Bachelorette's Premiere!

Let’s hope Clayton Echard didn’t see The Bachelorette’s season 19 debut. The past Bachelor was on everyone’s mind as Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey began their combined Bachelorette adventure on Monday, July 11.

“I want a partner who can make decisions. In a talk about their various “types,” Gabby said to Rachel, “It was obvious Clayton didn’t know what the f—k he wanted. He was jumping, bouncing, bouncing, and I know what I want and you know what you want too, the former NFL cheerleader concluded.

I don’t trust males, not all of them, Gabby said at the conclusion of the chat. Men have earned the right to not be trusted after everything with Clayton.

Several guys brought up the season 26 Bachelor, who received criticism for telling Gabby, Rachel, and Susie Evans that he loved them all and had affairs with both of them before revealing he wanted to choose Susie, during the 32 contenders’ introductions to Gabby and Rachel in the limo.

(After Susie found out about his prior dream suites, Clayton and Susie broke up over overnights, but they later got back together and are now going strong.)

Gabby And Rachel's Men Insult Clayton In The Bachelorette's Premiere!

Jason got out of the vehicle and stated, “I have something in common with Clayton Echard.” “My mom, my sister, and my dog are the three ladies I adore.”

My name is Hayden, and I realize it does sound a lot like Clayton, but what I’m going to do differently is think with this head and not that one, Hayden said in jest.

After that, Ryan appeared dressed as a clown and said, “Hear me out, I know what it looks like, I am not Clayton.”

Johnny also didn’t hold back. He was sort of a fluke, I believe his name was He’s a piece of s—t, I hear about the previous man you dated, he was a piece of s—t, he said.

On the driveway, the women giggled but afterward admitted they weren’t impressed. As the Clayton jokes persisted, Gabby said to the ABC cameras, “Hayden gets me with a joke because I’m 12 years old, but he gives a nod to Clayton and it is really amusing, but this is the beginning of our new trip, so it’s just the wrong moment for it.”

Because it’s still so recent, the guys seem to feel the need to bring up Clayton. “Hearing all this Clayton stuff is kind of, like, [snore],” one of them said.

Gabby And Rachel's Men Insult Clayton In The Bachelorette's Premiere!

These men keep bringing up Clayton, and I believe Gabby Windey and I are OK with not hearing his name tonight, said Rachel.

They were interested, though, when Alec brought out a children’s choir chanting “Clayton stinks.”

Rachel remarked, “Alec made an impression undoubtedly, the choir was perhaps the most innovative entrance so far, and maybe the only time we’re okay with hearing Clayton’s name tonight.

But it wasn’t just about Clayton. The two leads gave out their first impression of roses in addition to setting the stage for Logan and Erich, two men who liked spending time with both Rachel and Gabby. Mario was the first contestant that Gabby kissed.

For her part, Rachel developed a relationship with Tino when he led her to the mansion’s stairs to change her karma following Clayton’s “rose ceremony from hell,” which left her inconsolable at the foot of a flight of stairs in Iceland last season. More than instances during the episode, Rachel and Tino engaged in sexual activity.

Gabby And Rachel's Men Insult Clayton In The Bachelorette's Premiere!

“They are all so unique. As they talked about their relationships, Gabby said to Rachel, “You’re drawn to various things in each individual. Now I can kind of see how you could feel things for numerous individuals.

Then Rachel Recchia made fun of Clayton. Are you stating that you have feelings for three different women?

I’m in love with everyone, Gabby chimed in as she giggled.

The pilot accurately cited Clayton as he said, “I’m in love and it feels so amazing!” during his dream suite date with Gabby as they chuckled.

The women informed Jesse Palmer that they didn’t have enough time to get to know the guys after giving them the first impression of flowers. The first rose ceremony was finally canceled, but three suitors—Roby (the magician) and twins Justin and Joey—were expelled since they failed to click during their chats.


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