Gaming Life Hacks: Check Out Some Amazing Hacks That Will Improve Your Gaming Abilities!

Gaming Life Hacks

One of the simplest pastimes to pick up and start engaging in is definitely gaming. The only tools needed for a casual experience are a console, PC, or even just a phone. No prior expertise is necessary.

There will always be wonderful ways to avoid having to pay for all that equipment, but we won’t argue that spending money on pricey equipment will significantly improve your overall gaming experience.

There are some folks who develop the most brilliant fixes for gaming annoyances, and some of them are even free.

We’re going to look at some of the top gaming tips and tricks that will make your entire gaming experience better.

Here Are 8 Incredible Gamer Hacks:

Learn the fundamentals of ergonomics and invest in a comfortable gaming chair

Gaming Life Hacks

Fun fact: Your back will be damaged if you spend all day sitting in a chair. Even though you are young right now, you will eventually experience pain when your spinal column decides it doesn’t like the fact that you slouch for 12 hours a day.

I used to stupidly believe that I was unbeatable, therefore you can trust me on this. Some of the health concerns associated with vegetating can be reduced by purchasing a high-quality computer chair(opens in a new tab).

So what exactly distinguishes an “excellent” computer chair? Back support, you guys. For your back, you need a strong base. Additionally crucial are adjustable height and a comfortable, sturdy backrest.

Once you’ve found a chair that works for you, make sure to adjust it so that you’re not tilting your hands to write; instead, you should have your computer screen level with your eyes while looking ahead naturally, with the tops of your hands parallel to your forearms. Your body will appreciate you if you do these things.

A Banana Cup for Headphones

Gaming Life Hacks

This hack is for you if your headset keeps being left behind or if you don’t have the money to buy a decent headphone stand.

Simply purchase a cheap banana holder, which works perfectly, rather than a costly headset stand. Although it serves more organizational needs than it does to improve your game experience, it is nonetheless useful.

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Grab a USB cord with a few different uses

Gaming Life Hacks

Going wireless is practically impossible, which is something nobody ever tells you. Each of these devices—cordless mice, keyboards, and controllers—needs to be charged.

Therefore, purchasing a multi-use USB cable like this one(which opens in a new tab) is a sensible and affordable decision.

Why stop there, in the hell? Do you own a Nintendo 3DS system? Why don’t you purchase this USB 3DS charger(opens in a new tab)?

You should also buy an extra PS Vita USB cable (opens in a new tab) just in case. These allow you to charge both of your mobile devices without the need for their original chargers. Definitely very useful.

The Wired

Gaming Life Hacks

This may not appear to be a gaming life hack, but it very definitely is. Throw away your wireless keyboard, mouse, game controller, and even your internet connection. Don’t stop being wired.

Your gaming experience will be much enhanced, especially for your internet connection. While wired connections are still faster and free from interference from other devices, wireless devices are no longer as sluggish as they once were.

Although going wired can be less convenient, it’s a must if you want to sharpen your in-game reflexes.

This is a non-issue in regard to the internet connection. The choice between Ethernet cable and wireless is likely the simplest you will ever make.

It makes a huge difference in terms of latency and ping in games. will utterly enhance all facets of your game experience.

Play games to shed pounds

Gaming Life Hacks

According to science, we must take care of our bodies lest we fall victim to terrible diseases or fat. Problem is, physical activity is kind of boring. Except when you’re playing video games, in which case it’s not so horrible.

Now, it’s quite difficult to lift weights or go jogging while holding a 3DS, but sitting in front of the big screen or using a handheld gaming device for an hour or two on a stationary cycle is a relatively simple approach to losing some weight without giving up game time.

Just make an effort not to perspire too much on your gear. Instead, if you’re playing a competitive game like Counter-Strike or League of Legends, perform a few push-ups after each time you die and have to wait for a spawn.

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For your laptop, an oven towel

Gaming Life Hacks

You might have to play games on your laptop if your finances prevent you from purchasing an expensive gaming setup.

Although they lack the capability of a PC, laptops can frequently run games at lower settings without experiencing any issues, despite the fact that they frequently become excessively warm when playing games.

Frequently, the warmest region of the laptop is where your left hand is uncomfortably situated. Placing an oven mitt on top of that area of the laptop is a fairly easy way to prevent contracting the heat.

Your left hand won’t be burned by a thousand suns anymore, and it won’t affect how you play at all.

To keep electricity cords safe from chewing animals, use split loom tubing

Gaming Life Hacks

Own cats? Dogs? Perhaps a huge-asset iguana that you let go freely throughout the apartment? Your console or computer cords may have at least once been decided to make excellent chew toys.

Of course, you could let your animals learn the harsh lesson that chewing on electrical wiring is bad for them in the long run, but then you’d have to buy new cables (and, potentially, new pets).

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When traveling with gadgets, always have a trash bag with you

Gaming Life Hacks

With a gaming laptop or other portable gaming device, do you travel frequently? Alternately, do you frequently attend LAN parties?

Given that garbage bags are excellent for shielding electrical equipment from the elements, you should keep a few on hand at all times.

Nobody likes attempting to figure out how to move their PC (or other gadgets) from their preferred mode of transportation to their destination without harming the products during a storm, which could happen at any time. An empty trash bag each day keeps the doctor at bay.


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