Garuda App Download: Find Out How To Download The App Safely!

Garuda App Download

The Garuda BLO app is used to gather pertinent data about voting places.

The software can keep track of checklists, new form app features, and other things.

For the facilities they oversee, the BLO of a region has the ability to update data both online and offline. The app allows users to locate police stations and identify the separation between different locations.

Garuda BLO app: what is it?

A digital app called Garuda BLO was created during the covid outbreak. This digital program, called Garuda, was created by the Indian Election Commission to make voting easier for everyone. It will contain all the information required to understand each and every water. India is the first country to release such an app.

Door-to-door canvassing by BLO will be used to visit each voter’s home and get information for forms 6, 7, and 8.

This app will also use geotracking to track the voter’s location and other information. Although the Howrah weather app has not yet been launched, it is more likely that Alwar in Rajasthan will be the first location to do so.

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Garuda App Download

  • Electoral search using information and EPIC number.
  • New voters must register in order to vote.
  • Requests for new voter ID card applications are permissible.
  • On the app, users can file complaints.
  • Affidavits and candidate information may be requested from this page.
  • The app occasionally displays election results.

Android App for Garuda

  • You may easily download this app if you have Android 4.4 KitKat or later.
  • Locate the app on the Google Play store.
  • To finish, tap on install.
  • To use this software, you need a PDF reader and 2 GB of storage.

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Garuda iPhone app

Garuda App Download

  • Visit the iTunes App Store.
  • Garuda BLO app can be found by typing.
  • Install by clicking to download it on your iPhone.
  • Garuda PC Application

App for Garuda on Pc

An emulator can be used to download the Garuda app for PC. The most well-known emulator is called Bluestack, and after installing it on your PC, you may now download the software directly.

Open Google Playstore in your emulator environment to begin this process. After that, you must download the software from the Google Playstore and install it on your computer.

How do I register for the Garuda app?

  • You can find the necessary steps to finish the registration process, including where to fill out the registration information.
  • As soon as you launch the app, select the state.
  • Select the assembly.
  • Add your cell phone number there.
  • Add a password, then verify it.
  • Enter your exact location or port number.
  • To register for the app, click the submit option right now.

How should I operate the Garuda BLO app?

Garuda App Download

  • The Garuda BLO app will ask you for permission to make phone calls, use photographs and audio, and monitor your location as soon as you install it.
  • Give each of them permission and enter your login information.
  • To obtain your ID and password, visit the nearby SDM or any office.

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What is BLO’s complete form?

Booth Level Officer or Block Level Officer is referred to by the acronym BLO.


Although all of the apps are new and have not yet been used, they are acceptable. It is a government-approved app that protects candidates’ personal information. It receives fair reviews of 3.5 to 3.8 out of 5, which is where it stands.


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