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Girl In The Basement

The Fritzl case came to light in 2008 when a woman called Elisabeth Fritzl revealed that her father, Josef Fritzl, had held her hostage for 24 years. When she was held hostage in the basement of their family home, Josef assaulted, abused, and even raped her several times.

There were seven children born to Elizabeth, three of whom stayed in captivity with their mother; Fritzl and Rosemarie raised the other three; the seventh infant died just a few days after birth.

Elisabeth’s accusation led to the arrest of Josef, who was charged with false imprisonment, rape, and other offenses under various sections of the criminal code. March 2009 saw the court sentenced him to life in prison after he was convicted and found guilty on all charges.

This is the True Story of Elisabeth Fritzl: The Girl Who Lived in the Basement

Elisabeth Fritzl, the Girl in the Basement

girl in the basement

In 1977, when she was barely 11 years old, her father abused her. When Elisabeth reached 15 and had finished high school, she began training to be a waitress.

In 1983, she and a buddy fled their house and sought refuge in Vienna. In less than a month, police tracked out the missing girl and reunited her with her family. A few months later, she returned to her waitressing class and successfully finished it, allowing her to get work in the adjacent metropolis.

What Happened to Elisabeth Fritzl?

Joseph Fritzl needed Elisabeth’s help in 1984 to reinstall a cellar door at their Austrian house.

It was Elisabeth who went down the steps for her father, who was oblivious of his intentions and how his life would change as a result of this. Her lips and nose were smothered with a little piece of fabric that had been drenched in ether.

No one, not even Elisabeth, knew that she was assisting her father’s plot to imprison her as a sex slave, and she had no idea. For years, Josef Fritzl had been preparing to build an underground jail cell, and he had formal authorization from the local authorities as well.

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Twenty four years of living in the cellar

For the following 24 years, Elisabeth was subjected to a never-ending barrage of torment. She had to use her bare hands to capture rats at times. For her, summer was the worst season of the year due to the unbearable sweating, as she detailed in her later writings.

Elisabeth’s life was at a standstill compared to the rest of the world’s. An iron chain was first used to keep her from moving more than one-and-a-half feet on each side of the bed. He then attached the chain to her waist, allowing her to move more freely.

Since the chain was interfering with sexual intercourse, he decided to remove it after a period of time. Until she was freed in April 2008, Josef sexually assaulted her and would rape her numerous times a day. Over the course of those 25 years, he raped her at least 3000 times, giving birth to seven children. As they got older, Elisabeth’s children were forced to see her cruelty.

By Her Father’s Own Hands

girl in the basement

Fritzl used to write Elisabeth letters stating that she was OK but unable to care for the children. Afterward, he’d travel several kilometers to mail them to Rosemarie. Despite the fact that she felt shattered on the inside, Elisabeth sought to find solace in the fact that her three children were living better lives than the ones down the hall.

In the past, Josef would hit and kick her frequently. It was common for him to make Elisabeth reenact sequences from sexually explicit films. Aside from the physical harm, Elisabeth’s mental health has been affected as well as her body. First, five years were spent alone.

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The birth of her children gave her a reason to live.

For her, the arrival of the first children was a harrowing experience. Looking at her children, she realized she had a reason to live after a long period of being alone.

For over a decade, she gave birth to all of her children without the aid of a doctor. Josef had disinfectant, a filthy pair of scissors, and a book about birthing waiting for her when she got to the hospital.

Elisabeth and her children have been threatened by Fritzl if they try to go. “He informed them he had created a mechanism so that the doors would give them electric shocks if they tried to open them and that poison would be discharged into the cellar if they tried to leave, killing them all instantaneously,” according to the indictment order given by the court.

To keep Elisabeth in utter darkness, Josef Fritzl would switch off the basement’s electricity for days at a time.

Life in the Dark Basement for Elisabeth

girl in the basement

It was only when her daughter Kerstin, 19, required immediate treatment that her harrowing tale came to an end. She was driven by Joseph Fritzl, who had previously shown no mercy, to the hospital in his automobile.

Kerstin’s physicians got suspicious when they saw her condition. The event was reported to police by doctors who then notified them.

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Girl in the Basement: A Documentary on Elisabeth Fritzl

Critics were intrigued by the true-crime picture “Girl in the Basement,” which tells the story of Elisabeth Fritzl.

Sara, an adolescent who has just turned 18 and is yearning to leave her parents’ house, is the inspiration for the film. Her father, who refuses to let her leave, kidnaps her and confines her to his basement, where he abuses her for years.


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