God of Highschool Season 2- Expected Release Date, Plot, Cast And A Whole Lot More

God of Highschool Season 2

An anime based on the manga of the same name, The God of High School, debuted on September 6, 2020, and has since been broadcast on prominent YouTube channels.

South Korea’s capital city of Seoul, where martial arts contests are conducted, serves as the setting for this series. In the first season, everyone in the anime community liked it. Are we going to see more of God Of High School?

Crunchyroll distributed the first season, and it was the platform that made the financial commitment to reproducing the Anime.

Many streaming services have recently made significant investments in anime, with the goal of making these shows available exclusively on the site when they are ready. That’s the only problem with a good anime: it makes viewers want for the next season of God Of High School.

The Release Date for the Second Season of God of Highschool

How long will it be until The God of High School returns for season two? “The God of High School” creators MAPAA have yet to make an official announcement about Season 2. It takes a long time for new seasons of an anime to air.

god of highschool season 2


Because the first season finished less than two years ago, it would be premature to make any predictions concerning the second. So sit back, take a big breath, and pray for the best.

In the future, the anime series will be restored. The second season of The God of High School is expected to premiere in the second quarter of 2022, according to MAPAA.

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God of Highschool Season 2 Plot

Naver and Webtoon publish Yongje Park’s webtoon, The God of Highschool. All three characters in the series are involved in some kind of fighting.

The victor of a country-wide combat contest will have they’re every want satisfied if they win. It’s just a matter of time until our characters’ deepest darkest secrets are revealed!

In Season 1, the National Arc has been included in the storyline. A significant story point is ending and we are ready to travel into higher realms, making this a perfect closing moment.

god of highschool season 2


A slew of fresh ideas is on their way. Although admittedly, the anime’s narrative has been pared down to the minimal essentials. The sequel may have connection troubles as a result of this omission.

If there is a second season of The God of High School, it will take place after the events of The Gods Arrival. The prologue will set the stage for the Ragnarok story, which will be the bulk of the show’s episodes.

The whole Ragnarok Saga can be adapted into the second season, given the anime’s regular pace, which is fairly fast.

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Season 2 Cast of “The God of High School”

Most of the primary cast members are expected to return, along with several fresh faces to represent the story’s many new characters. Contradiction, the OP’s theme song, became a huge hit, and its YouTube views grew at an exponential rate.

god of highschool season 2


The role of Jin Mori is expected to be played by Tachibana Tatsumaru.

Daewi Han will be played once again by Kumagai Kentaro.

Mira Yoo actress Ohashi Ayaka will reprise her role.

Park Mugen will be played by Namikawa Daisuke.

Park Ilpyo will be returning to Uchiyama Keiki’s role.

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The first season of God Of High School has 13 episodes, and the second season will have the same number.

The only thing we can see more of is the improvement in their power control skills and the addition of meaningful repercussions. There has been some preparation, and there are early indications that the system may be expanded in the near future.

Where can I get the second season of “The God of High School?”

Season two of The God of High School has yet to be released, thus there is no way for anybody to see it at this time.

Crunchyroll, the finest anime-related site on the Internet, aired the first season internationally, so it’s reasonable to assume that a second season, if it ever comes, will also be streamed through Crunchyroll.



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