Google Announces iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets for Chrome, Drive & Gmail!

Google announces iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets for Chrome, Drive & Gmail

Apple has released iOS 16, its most recent software update. The most recent update has a variety of additions that improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the Apple interface. Google has revealed that it will have widgets on the iOS 16 Lock Screen one day after the operating system’s release.

The new widgets will be available for Google, Google Chrome, Google Search, Google News, Google Drive, and other key products from the internet giant. Users will need to wait a little longer because the widgets won’t be released until the upcoming weeks. Since they will fit in iPhone Lock Screens, the new widgets will be vastly different from the current ones.

When you pick up your phone, the first thing you see is your lock screen, and many Google apps will soon include lock screen widgets. You’ll be able to unlock your device so that you can quickly access your favorite Google features, and you’ll even be able to see some updates on your Lock Screen, according to the tech company’s most recent blog post.

Google announces iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets for Chrome, Drive & Gmail

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In order to make it easier for users to launch Chrome immediately, Google will release a Lock Screen widget. Users have the option of searching incognito or utilizing voice search to begin a search.


The Google Drive Lock Screen widget will make it simple for users to access their data. With just one press, you can now open a suggested Drive file, starred files, or folders.

Search on Google

Want to find something more quickly? You may enter searches directly from your Lock Screen using the new Google Search widget. Users have the option of setting voice or camera searches.

Internet News

With the Google News widget, you can now read current news on your lock screen. Users only need to tap an app to read a story.

Maps on Google

Users may now tap on their Lock Screens to access one of the most frequently used programs, which provides real-time traffic updates and information on projected journey times to certain destinations. Every time they travel, users only need to press the widget to access the app and begin navigation. Additionally, by tapping the Maps button, users may locate nearby eateries, shops, and other locations.


Users can view the quantity of brand-new messages using the new Gmail widget. The widget can be configured to display particular categories like Socials or Updates.

Apple released iOS 16 on September 12. Users only need to go to Settings, select General, and then install Software Update to update their iPhones.


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