Google Chrome May Come with a Single-Tap Tab Audio-Muting Option

You may soon be able to mute Chrome tabs that start playing audio without your permission. A Tab Audio Muting UI is currently being tested, which places an alternative on the tab bar to silence the bars without much hassle. Here’s an example of how it’ll all play out in practice.

You will soon have access to muted Chrome Tabs 

According to Reddit user Leopova, Chrome users can now test the new feature in the Canary build of the browser. The “click-to-mute” feature was also spotted by Chrome Story, and you can see it in action here:

An experiment with the user interface for audio muting in Chrome

You can enable the “Tab Audio Muting UI Control” flag in the Chrome:/flags page if you are using the Canary version of Google Chrome. It is now possible to mute any background video by tapping on the speaker icon that appears on tabs, and this feature will be available to users in the future.

A new Mute Site feature joins the already existing Mute Tab Audio functionality, which is activated by right-clicking on a tab’s title bar. An audio track is currently playing in the background, and a speaker icon can be seen on the tabs to indicate this. When the speaker icon can be muted, the process can be streamlined even further.

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Using the latest Google Chrome feature has been made available to users on macOS, Windows, and Linux, as well as on Google’s Chrome OS, Chromebook, and Fuchsia OS. If you aren’t already using Chrome Canary, you can do so on your Linux, Windows, or Mac computer by downloading and installing the most recent version.

This feature is currently available for users to test, but there’s no word on when it will be added to the stable version of Chrome. Using the Tab Unmuted UI with the global media monitor mute option may be an experiment by Google. As a result, the feature could be found in either the tab bar or the application’s global media control system section.

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We’ll have to wait until Google reveals more information on this before we can speculate. For more information, please check back soon. Google Chrome Canary users, please tell us what you think of the feature in the comments below!

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