Google Chrome Redesigned a New Logo After 8 Years; Check Here 

Google Chrome Redesigned a New Logo

Since Chrome’s logo was last updated in 2014, Google has agreed to give the browser a new look. In keeping with Google’s “modern brand expression,” the Chrome logo has been simplified. This is a list of the new features that Google has implemented.

In the Canary build, this same new Google Chrome logo is being displayed for all users. While Google is sticking with the flat design and the four-color circular logo it introduced in 2011, it is implementing new features like brighter colours, refined proportions, and no shadows.

For those who prefer the familiar look of the Google Chrome logo, the new design will include OS-specific customizations that allow for a more personalised experience on macOS, Windows or Chrome OS.

For example, Google Chrome on Windows would have a more “gradated look,” Chrome OS will feature brighter colours without the gradient look, and the Chrome logo on MacOS will feature a 3D look. Also on iOS, the logo of the beta app is similar to that of the TestFlight app. Elvin Hu, a Chrome designer, tweeted about these new custom Chrome looks. Here’s a link to the conversation on Twitter about it.

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Here and there, we’ve added a few more minor tweaks. Examples include a larger blue circle in the middle and “green” that has a gradient look to avoid the “unpleasant colour vibration” presently also when the red meets the green. There isn’t much love or hate for Chrome’s new logo, but there is a lot of love for the customization option!

Soon after the release of Chrome 100, a new Google Chrome logo will also be available to all users. If you’ve any query then let us know in the comment section of the GadgetGrapevine below.

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