Google Messages Could Add a New Nav Drawer, Google Photos Uploader 2022

Google Messages Could Add a New Nav Drawer, Google Photos Uploader 2022

Google’s Android Messages app has been getting a slew of new features to compete with Apple’s iMessage. The Mountain View giant has recently made Messages beta users aware of support for iMessage reactions. A few new Messages app features are currently being developed to enhance the user experience and make it easier to share photos and videos.

Google Messages Can Add Two New Features This Year

Google Photos integration and a new navigation drawer are reportedly on the way to the Android Messages app, according to 9to5Google. The latest version of both the Messages app includes a number of new features, according to a publication.

New Navigation Drawer

Google Messages Could Add a New Nav Drawer, Google Photos Uploader 2022
cc –  9to5Google

It’s been reported that Google is currently developing navigation drawer for such Messages app to make it easier for users to find their way around the application. As of right now, the Messages app has an overflow menu at the upper right that houses various options, such as starred and archived messages.

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However, Google has modified the overflow menu with just an account picker button to the correct of the search bar inside the new UI discovered even during APK teardown. Google has indeed decided to add a three-bar button to bring up the navigation drawer as from left together with the new account picker.

Messages, Starred, Archived, and Spam & Blocked are just some of the options that have been moved to the new nav drawer. Additional settings include Device pairing, Theme, Mark all read and Donate messages in the navigation drawer.

Google Photos Uploader

Google Messages might Add a New Nav Drawer, Google Photos Uploader 2022
cc – 9to5Google

Messages’ media uploader will be integrated with Google Photos, according to the APK teardown, in addition to the new nav drawer. Photos and videos can be shared as Google Photos links while maintaining their original quality and resolution.

According to 9to5Google, when users open the media picker UI in Messages, they will receive a new promotional message. They will be able to see the file size and a badge from Google Photos in the text field once the feature is enabled. After that, users can share the picture via a Google Photos link.

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Sending a video or image in its original quality instead of compressing it for MMS will allow the recipient to see it clearly. In addition, Google Photos users will be able to manage share links directly from the app.

As a reminder, that neither of these features are currently available to the general public. Furthermore, as 9to5Google points out, Google may decide to remove the features from the stable version of Messages in the future.

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