Google Patent For A Foldable Phone With A Samsung Galaxy Fold-Like Design Seen: Report

Google Patent For A Foldable Phone With A Samsung Galaxy Fold-Like Design Seen: Report

The Google foldable phone has been in development for a while. A recent patent application made to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) supposedly depicts the foldable Google smartphone with a similar layout to the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The device resembles the Oppo Find N, according to earlier rumours. The smartphone has been leaked on numerous occasions in the past and has been shown on patent websites, despite the fact that specifics about it are scant. According to reports, the introduction of the rumoured smartphone has been delayed twice.

According to 91Mobiles, the claimed Google foldable phone will resemble the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold in terms of appearance, citing a WIPO patent that was submitted in June 2021 and recently made public.

The design is advised to fold like a notebook and have substantial bezels around the screen. The foldable phone’s selfie camera is located in the top bezel (in the unfolded state). According to the article, the patent doesn’t depict the smartphone’s form when it is folded.

A report later stated that Google’s foldable smartphone is anticipated to resemble the Oppo Find N rather than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, contradicting earlier claims that the device resembles the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Google Patent For A Foldable Phone With A Samsung Galaxy Fold-Like Design Seen: Report

According to reports from earlier this month, Google’s foldable phone and the rumoured Google Pixel 7 Ultra are both in production. According to rumours, Foxconn will produce the phones in China.

It is stated that Google’s Tensor SoC, which presently powers the Pixel 6 devices, would power its foldable phone, which may be called the Pixel Fold or Pixel Notepad. There are rumours that only a few markets will have the foldable Google phone.

Google’s foldable smartphone was supposed to debut in late 2021, but that date was pushed back. According to reports, it was postponed a second time and will now likely open in the spring of 2023. The foldable phone is claimed to have a 5.78-inch cover display with an ultra-thin glass cover and a folding display of 7.57 inches.


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