Google Publishes The Last Beta Version Of Android 13!

Google Publishes The Last Beta Version Of Android 13!

In advance of Android 13’s official launch, which the firm claims is “just a few weeks away,” Google has released the fourth and final beta of the software. With Android 13 beta 3 released last month, Google already achieved platform stability, thus this most recent upgrade doesn’t bring about many changes.

The first developer beta was made available in February, while the second public beta was made available in May at the company’s developer conference, along with some important announcements.

In addition to themed app icons and per-app language support, earlier Android 13 betas also introduced a notification permission tool and a photo picker to control which images an app may access.

Google Publishes The Last Beta Version Of Android 13!

Additionally, the brand-new Bluetooth LE Audio standard is supported. The tablet optimizations that Google introduced in Android 12L are also improved in Android 13.

The director of Android Developer Relations, Maru Ahues Bouza, wrote in a blog post, “With the official Android 13 release just around the corner, we’re encouraging all app and game developers to finish your final compatibility testing and publish your compatibility updates ahead of the final release.”

According to Google’s blog post, all app-facing surfaces, including SDK and NDK APIs, app-facing system behaviors, and limitations on non-SDK interfaces, are final. The update also contains a release candidate build of Android 13 for Pixel devices and the Android Emulator.

Google Publishes The Last Beta Version Of Android 13!

Google claims that the final beta provides developers with everything they need to finish their testing thanks to these and the most recent fixes and optimizations.


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