How to Make a Google Account!

google sign up

Access to all of Google’s services and products, many of which are free, requires a Google account. It takes only a few minutes to create a Google account, but you will have to provide some personal data. Discover what you need to do to make the most of Google by reading this article.

google sign up

Step 1: Go to any page on Google. Google, Gmail, Google+, Drive, and other services are included. Before clicking the red Sign Up button, click the red Sign In button first. You’ll arrive at the “Create a new Google Account” screen after doing this.

Depending on the Google service you are logging in to, the buttons may change. For instance, the “Sign Up” button on Gmail has been replaced with a “Create an Account” button.

Step 2: Think of a username. Your new Gmail account name will automatically be changed to your username. Instead of registering a new Gmail account, you can use the link found underneath the username field to create a Google account using an existing email address.

Step 3: If you are explicitly attempting to sign up for Gmail, this option is not available. In this situation, a Gmail account must be made.
If your username is not currently in use, you will be presented with a number of alternatives, or you can try another one.

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Step 4: Complete the remaining fields that need to be filled in. You must provide your first and last names, your birthday (for age verification), your gender, a verification email address, and your phone number in case you lose access to your account. You must also specify the nation in which you now reside.
The mobile number is suggested but not necessary.

Step 5: Fill out the CAPTCHA. This is a method for confirming that a real individual is setting up the account. If you’re having trouble reading it, you can either click the refresh button next to the text box to receive a new one or the speaker button to have your computer speakers read it aloud for you.

Step 6: Accept the privacy statement. Read the entire privacy statement carefully to understand what Google may and cannot do with your personal information. If you agree to Google’s terms, check the box.

Step 7: Then select Next. This will direct you to the page where you create your Google+ profile. Every new Google account automatically creates a Google+ account. You have the option to include or exclude a photo from your account. Then select Get Started. You now have a Google account. You can visit any other Google service or click the icon to return to Google. No matter which Google site you visit, you should be logged in automatically.


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