Google will block some older Android versions by September

Are you using your old smartphone as a surveillance camera or dashcam? In this case, you should definitely go to settings and check the Android version. As the Bleepingcomputer site reported, Google will block older Android versions from September 27. This shutdown will have serious consequences.

Here in brief, the functions that will be removed:

  • Signing in with a Google account
  • Connection to Gmail, YouTube and others.
  • The ability to do a factory reset
  • Password change
  • The deletion of the Google account with the possibility of restoring

It will no longer be possible to connect to Google services on smartphones and tablets running an Android version prior to 2.3.7. Also, you will no longer be able to create new Google accounts, change passwords on Google, or perform a factory reset. The affected versions will therefore no longer be usable.

This blocking will aim to improve the security of the Android ecosystem. This measure is understandable, because in any case, few devices use the affected versions. According to an analysis by Statista, in April, only 0.04% of Android users worldwide were still using a version prior to 4.0.3. If you’re still using versions like Gingerbread, Google advises you to update your devices. If updates are no longer available for your device, you should at least be able to sign in to your Google Account through a browser.

If you want to continue using your old device, we recommend that you root it. Thus, you can install a custom ROM there to continue using it even if the manufacturer no longer provides Android updates. However, rooting your smartphone is quite a tricky operation and in addition, you will lose all the files on the device during the process.

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