Google Will Extend Storage From 15GB To 1TB: Benefits, Eligibility, and More!

Google Will Extend Storage From 15GB To 1TB: Benefits, Eligibility, and More!

Recently, Google announced that they will be pushing out an upgrade that will allow customers to increase their storage capacity from 15GB to 1TB. The Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, and possibly others will all soon have access to this new service.

The developers of Google Workspace (previously G Suite) have revealed that they are working on significant updates to the platform, such as increased free cloud storage of up to 1TB.  The platform will also improve its regional availability to more people all around the world and introduce new methods of personalizing emails.

In a recent blog post, Google boasts, “You can save over 100 file formats in Drive, including PDFs, CAD files, and pictures, and you can effortlessly collaborate on and edit Microsoft Office files without converting them,” It also reveals that, as of today, Google Drive has built-in safeguards against malware, spam, and ransomware, reducing users’ risk of infection from mistakenly opening a malicious file.

Google to upgrade storage capacity from 15GB to 1TB: Know the benefits, eligibility, and more | Technology News – India TV

Workspace account holders will soon receive an upgrade to 1 terabyte of encrypted cloud storage (currently they are using 15 GB of storage). According to the official Google blog article, the user’s account would be updated from 15 GB to 1 TB of storage space without the user’s intervention.

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Who Will Receive the Update?

One terabyte of free cloud space will be made available to all Google Workspace users. The upgrade will be deployed and applied mechanically without their intervention. It has also been stated that Google would be adding a new function to the platform that will allow users to send several copies of an email at once.

Google Workspace Individual Plan Storage Increased From 15GB To 1TB | Details Inside ⋆ 2YoDoINDIA

Users will gain access to mail merge tags like @firstname, allowing them to send personalized emails to each recipient. Users can also send out multiple emails at once, with each receiver having the option to unsubscribe at any moment by clicking the unsubscribe link that is automatically included in each email.

What’s More?

It has also been reported that Google is making Workspace available in additional countries, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Argentina, and Finland. Google is also focusing on expanding with features like:

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Google Upgrading Cloud Storage From 15GB to 1TB For Free: Is There A Hidden Motive? - Gizbot News

  • Premium Meet
  • eSignatures in Google Docs
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Flexible layouts in Gmail


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