Government Will Release A Super App That Displays EV Charging Stations And Their Current Availability!

A mobile app for owners of electric vehicles is about to be released by the Indian government. According to reports, the Super App would give information on where to find electric vehicle charging stations and whether they are open right now.

To create the app, the government is collaborating with the state-run Convergence Energy Services Limited (CESL).

It would display charging station cost details and enable users to make and modify reservations at nearby stations. On 16 motorways and expressways, the CESL will also install 810 electric vehicle charging stations.

A new smartphone app being created for EV users was disclosed on Wednesday by CESL, a division of Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a department under the Ministry of Power.

The planned app will, according to the post, offer details on the sorts of chargers, charging rates, and availability of EV charging stations. Additionally, users could make and modify reservations at adjacent stations.

According to a report by the Economic Times, the app will go by the moniker Super App and be made available over the next four to six weeks.

According to a statement made by Mahua Acharya, MD, and CEO of CESL, “apart from information on the network of public charging stations, the app will reflect information supplied by OEMs, improving visibility and traffic at private charging points.


Government Will Release A Super App That Displays EV Charging Stations And Their Current Availability!

Consumers will experience greater peace of mind knowing that they can easily access information and make reservations at nearby stations if they need to charge their cars while they are on the go.

We require a vast network of strategically placed charging stations that are secure, well-lit, well-covered, and where users can top off their electric vehicles in under an hour, she continued.

NITI Aayog introduced the E-AMRIT (Accelerated e-Transportation Revolution for India’s Transportation) smartphone application in July as part of a related initiative to promote electric mobility.

Users of the app can evaluate the advantages of electric vehicles, calculate savings, and get complete information on market and industry trends in India for electric vehicles. On Google Play, it is currently accessible to Android users.

Government Will Release A Super App That Displays EV Charging Stations And Their Current Availability!

With subsidies and other initiatives to prioritize sustainable and clean mobility options, India is moving toward EVs and accelerating EV adoption across the nation.

In a recent written response to the Rajya Sabha, Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari acknowledged that India had more than 13 lakh registered electric vehicles.

In a recent public-private partnership announcement, the CESL detailed plans to install 810 electric vehicle charging stations along 16 motorways and expressways totaling 10,275 kilometers across the nation.

Agra-Nagpur Highway, Delhi-Agra Yamuna Expressway, Eastern Peripheral Expressway, Hyderabad ORR Expressway, and Mumbai-Pune Highway are a few of the chosen corridors.

In the upcoming 6 to 8 months, these charging stations should be installed.


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