Hacker Discovers Flaw that Enables Anyone to Circumvent Facebook 2FA

technologyHacker Discovers Flaw that Enables Anyone to Circumvent Facebook 2FA

The 404 not found HTTP status code indicates that the page you are seeking to reach does not exist.

This error typically occurs when a domain points to an invalid DNS address, when files or folders have incorrect permissions, or when the system executes a corrupt.htaccess file.

When the 404 error occurs, it is vital to address the issue immediately. This article presents four effective remedies:

Given that the target no longer has two-factor authentication enabled, an attacker might hypothetically attempt to acquire control of the target’s Facebook account by phishing for the password.

Manôz discovered the flaw in the Meta Accounts Center in September and reported it to the firm. A few days later, Meta rectified the flaw and compensated Manôz $27,200 for reporting it.

Meta spokesman Gabby Curtis told TechCrunch that the login system was still undergoing a brief public test at the time of the problem. Curtis further stated that once the defect was identified, Meta’s examination revealed that there was no evidence of exploitation in the wild and that there was no surge in usage of that function, which would indicate that no one was abusing it.

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