Heart Of The Sea Minecraft: Check Out The Places Where You Can Find Out The Sea’s Heart!

Heart Of The Sea Minecraft

Players can discover the “Heart of the Sea,” a rare and enigmatic item in Minecraft, in Buried Treasure chests. Building a Conduit, a utility block that resembles a beacon and gives the Conduit Power bonus in Minecraft requires this enigmatic orb as a critical component.

The Conduit’s effect radius will allow players to swim more quickly, breathe underwater, and even use night vision while submerged. For example, farming for Drowned Tridents or constructing underwater constructions, such a tool would be useful. Learn where to find and how to use the Minecraft Heart of the Sea by reading on.

In Minecraft, Where Can You Find the Sea’s Heart?

The heart of the sea is a priceless item that is only accessible through hidden treasure. In other words, in order to obtain a map that would direct them to a spot where buried wealth is located, players must first locate a shipwreck or ocean ruins.

Where players must go to find hidden riches and afterward a heart of the sea is marked on a map of buried treasure by a red X.

Feeding a dolphin raw cod or raw salmon will help players who are having trouble finding both a shipwreck and an ocean ruin find the closest wreck, the ocean ruin, or occasionally even the hidden treasure.

Dolphins are amiable creatures that follow chests rather than buildings, therefore they will only lead players to the closest treasure chest they locate.

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This makes it an extremely effective approach to finding the heart of the sea by gathering hidden treasure maps or being directed directly to buried treasure. If players shatter the chest they were led to, the dolphin will then bring them to another one.

Usually found near beaches, buried treasure can occasionally be discovered elsewhere on the ocean floor.

Players need to be careful to check their bubbles or use an underwater breathing device because looking for hidden wealth frequently demands breathing underwater. Otherwise, they risk inadvertently drowning while digging for riches.

Top three applications of Heart of the Sea in Minecraft


Heart Of The Sea Minecraft

Playing on both land and water is possible in Minecraft. The sea is significantly more hazardous than the land. There are drowned zombies, low light levels, and a steady depletion of air. This makes underwater exploration and base construction challenging.

Players in Minecraft can create a conduit using the Heart of the Sea. A mysterious item in Minecraft called conduit has a variety of effects when used underwater. Players will require eight nautilus shells and one heart of the sea to make a conduit.

Eight nautilus shells are harder to find than one Heart of the Sea. Nautilus shells can be obtained by trading with the roaming trader, killing zombies who have been drowned and are holding nautilus shells, and fishing. Due to the low drop rate of nautilus shells in Minecraft, they are rather uncommon.

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Light Source

Heart Of The Sea Minecraft

One of Minecraft’s most expensive light sources can be made by players using the Heart of the Sea. The Heart of the Sea and nautilus shells can be used to create a conduit, a small block with a light level of 15.

Similar to other light sources, it emits the same volume of light (lanterns, glowstone, sea lanterns, beacons, etc.) It produces light both on land and in the sea.

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Conduit Power

Heart Of The Sea Minecraft

Players within a 32–96 block radius receive conduit power when a conduit is activated. This ability offers the player underwater night vision and the ability to breathe underwater. Additionally, conduit power speeds up undersea mining by 16.7% for the player.

Only when enclosed in a prismarine block cage can conduit be energized underwater. To construct the cage, players can utilize prismarine bricks, prismarine, sea lights, and black prismarine.


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