Here Are All The Details On The One Plus Nord Watch Price In India!

Here Are All The Details On The One Plus Nord Watch Price In India!

Online leaks include the Indian retail pricing for the OnePlus Nord Watch as well as some of its features. According to a tip, there will be two models and a total of five varieties for the wearable.

One model is rumoured to have a circular dial, while the other has a rectangular dial. The tipper had earlier stated that the OnePlus Nord Watch might be available in at least two colours, namely Black and White.

The smartwatch is also rumoured to be reasonably priced and to have a strong battery.

India cost of the OnePlus Nord Watch

Here Are All The Details On The One Plus Nord Watch Price In India!

Around Rs. 5,000 may be the suggested retail price for the OnePlus Nord Watch in India. The OnePlus Watch, in contrast, debuted in India for Rs. 16,999.

With the OnePlus Nord Watch

The OnePlus Nord Watch will be available in two variations, one with a round dial and the other with a rectangular dial, according to 91Mobiles, which cited tipster, Mukul Sharma.

Three variations with resolutions of 240×240 and 390×390 pixels are anticipated for the model with the circular dial. There are two versions of the rectangular-dialled device, with dimensions of 240×280 pixels and 368×448 pixels, respectively.

Here Are All The Details On The One Plus Nord Watch Price In India!

Regarding the design, one OnePlus Nord Watch model with a round dial has dashed lines for the minutes and hours along the protecting edge.

Two crown buttons are located on the right side of what is supposedly the wearable’s robust version. The first circle variant’s design is carried over to the second circular variant, however, the dash lines are absent. The third version has just one crown and no dashed lines either.

The OnePlus Nord Watch comes in two rectangular variants, each of which has two buttons on the right side.

One of them has a band with a loop, and the other has a band with a click-and-fit design. It is claimed that the original one has a greater screen size. On the UI, Mukul Sharma has posted a few photos of different rectangle dial variations.


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