Hotel Hacks: Before Travelling, Have A Look At These Hotel Tips!

Hotel Hacks

Even if you may have reserved a fantastic 5-star hotel, there are always methods to make your trip even better.

There are simpler and more elegant ways to become a member of the hotel hack club if smuggling buttery bread rolls from the breakfast buffet into a shower cap or constructing a grilled cheese sandwich with an iron is a little too much for you.

There are some very clever travel hacks available to make sure you never again have to bring dirty shoes with crisp clean garments, run out of exfoliants, or miss your favourite TV shows, whether you’re travelling for work or pleasure.

We’re talking about ingenious hotel hacks that you won’t travel without again. Truly, some of them are geniuses.

Here Are Some of The Amazing Hotel Hacks:

Inform the hotel of any noteworthy events

As busy people, we rarely take the time to pamper ourselves without a special occasion in mind. This hotel scam is as easy to use as it is successful.

Give the hotel advance notice of the momentous occasion you will be commemorating, and watch them go above and beyond for you with additional goodies to enhance your celebratory stay.

Let this hotel trick be more than just a guide for your stay; let it be a lesson to live by. Tell them what you’re celebrating with every reservation (restaurant, trip, etc.). It will always be our never-ending gift to you.

Enjoy the hotel’s breakfast

Hotel Hacks

Make sure to take advantage of the complimentary breakfast when staying at a hotel! While many people choose to forgo breakfast when they are at home, doing so when you are leaving for an extended period of time to visit a city has a few more challenges.

You can get the energy boost you need to start the day off correctly by eating breakfast at the hotel.

It can also save you a tonne of time and money because you won’t have to look for a place to eat, which can be rather challenging if you’re in a country where breakfast isn’t really “a thing” or where people are more likely to eat at home than go out to a restaurant.

If you are aware of your busy schedule, you may always make a quick lunch with a piece of fruit, cheese, and a bread roll to tide you over until you have time to settle down and have a good meal.

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Keep the shades drawn

There aren’t many things worse than getting into bed and realising your hotel room curtains have a huge hole in them, letting light stream straight in.

Fortunately, there is a quick fix for this issue: trouser hangers! These useful tiny items can be used to clip your curtains closed and are typically found in closets in hotel rooms. In the absence of trouser hangers, you can accomplish the same goal with the aid of hair clips.

If you are on the ground floor of the hotel, closing your curtains will ensure that no light can enter your room and that no nosy guests can see inside your room at night.

Keep them closed during the day as well, especially if you are carrying any pricey electronics, to prevent people from seeing that you are alone in the space.

Profit from the hot towel racks

Hotel Hacks

These tiny gifts from heaven are common in hotel bathrooms around Europe and are beginning to gain popularity in the US. On chilly winter days, they are excellent for warming up your towels and keeping your bathroom a little warm.

The dryer is another fantastic usage for them. If you are on a lengthy trip, you surely know how difficult it can be to plan your laundry day and how annoying it may be to have to wash your clothes.

It can really make a difference between having clean, dry underwear to put on and, well, not having it if you can speed up this procedure in any way.

Simply wash your underwear, socks, or t-shirts in the bathroom sink, or bring them with you into the shower, wring them out, and hang them up to dry on the heated towel rack, to make the procedure as simple as possible and guarantee that you will never run out of clean clothes again.

You now possess your own laundry service. Additionally, they work well for thawing out your socks before bed. You can always use the hotel hairdryer if the towel rack isn’t hot enough to get the job done.

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Order more key cards!

When you are travelling, there is usually nothing more inconvenient than needing to charge your devices in a hotel with only one or two plugs. This is especially true if you have to slide your key card into a slot in your room in order for the electricity to turn on.

Larger items like computers, SLR cameras, and power banks may be difficult to fully charge as a result.

Even if you are travelling alone, always request two key cards when checking into a hotel.

When you leave the room, you can use the second card to keep the power on. It can also be quite helpful if one of the keys is accidentally rendered inoperative.

In the event that you forget to request a card, you can occasionally also insert a credit card, a driver’s identification, or a thick business card into the slot to maintain power.

When you leave the room, don’t forget to turn off the lights and the air conditioner. While we are away, we may need to use the outlets, but that doesn’t mean we have to waste electricity!

Bring your own brewing supplies for tea or coffee

Hotel Hacks

It is a good idea to bring tea and coffee with you if you’re one of us who just can’t start the day without a little caffeine. Although many hotels provide a few paper cups, tea bags, and coffee machines in the rooms, they sometimes only provide one or two packs of each.

Even worse, if you happen to be in a nation where coffee consumption isn’t widespread, your options may be restricted to a few tasteless packets of subpar instant coffee.

Always take some coffee with you so you don’t have to ask the front desk for more every morning. You can also bring a tiny French press with you if you prefer freshly made coffee to instant, or if you’re low on space, you can always choose a coffee sock!

Coffee socks are a wonderful invention for travellers who enjoy their coffee because they are lightweight and hardly take up any room. You can set up your own little coffee shop in your hotel room with only some coffee, a cup, and hot water.

Take good care of your skin

Long-term travel might have a negative impact on your skin. The hot sun, chilly air conditioners, and heavy pollution or dust can all make you feel very unclean.

You can quickly make use of the hotel sugar packets to produce a DIY exfoliating facial cleanser that will have you feeling brand-new in no time, saving you the trouble of carrying a hefty facial exfoliant with you to restore your skin to its typical sheen! To attain silky smooth skin from head to toe, you may also incorporate it with your regular body wash.

In addition to sugar, you can exfoliate your skin with old coffee grounds. The easiest way to make it less abrasive is to combine it with coconut oil, but if you don’t have any on hand, you may still use it on your hands and feet to remove dry skin (your face might be a little too sensitive for this).

You can either ask the hotel staff for some leftover coffee grounds from breakfast or reuse your old coffee grounds from your French press or coffee sock. They may at first give you a funny look, but they usually offer you some to use.

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The ironing board can be used as a workstation

Hotel Hacks

The second-best option may be found in your hotel closet if you find yourself in need of a desk but are staying in a room without one.

Since ironing boards are lightweight and their height is easily adjustable to fit a range of seats, they make the ideal desk and can be placed almost anywhere.

Assemble a Custom Entertainment Setup

Make your own instead of paying a lot to watch pay-per-view movies or lugging about a big personal speaker! When travelling, you can frequently use an HDMI cable to connect your laptop, smartphone, or tablet to the hotel’s flat-screen TV and view all your favourite Netflix and Hulu episodes, or you can simply have a relaxed day of binge-watching a show (trust us, we all need one of those days every once in a while).

Make sure the show is available where you are before you start organising your binge day because series that are available in the US are not always available in other countries.

Put your phone in a glass or coffee cup to effortlessly make your own sound system.

It will reflect the sound off of its sides, amplifying it and causing it to go further. (i.e., you won’t need to bring your phone with you into the restroom!)


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