How Samsung’s New ‘Message Guard’ Prevents ‘Zero-Click’ Attacks

How Samsung's New 'Message Guard' Prevents 'Zero-Click' Attacks

Hackers and bad actors are constantly searching for new attack tactics. One of these attacks, known as “zero-click,” can infect your phone without requiring any action on your part. Samsung aspires to be the face of the solution to this rising problem by deploying Samsung Me, a new security feature for its most recent smartphones.

What Are “zero-Click” Exploits?

Zero-click exploits are a particularly pernicious type of security flaw. While many assaults need the user to click on a malicious Link or download a file containing malware, zero-click vulnerabilities do not require the user to do anything. A malicious actor only needs to email you the harmful file: After receiving the message on your mobile device, you are already infected.

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