How to Add Text to Tiktok?

How to Add Text to Tiktok?

The many available tools and editing features may seem daunting at first, especially if you’re new to TikTok or haven’t posted in a while. Including subtitles is a simple way to make your videos more interesting. In addition to controlling when and where the text displays, you have full control over its appearance.

Do you plan on creating your first captioned video on TikTok? You may already be a TikTok user, but you’re thinking about adding text to your videos. It won’t take more than a second. The following is a detailed explanation of how to caption your TikTok videos.

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A Guide to Captioning Your TikTok Videos

TikTok videos are well-known for their innovative camera work, creative editing, and abundance of entertaining effects. However, one of the most intuitive features of the TikTok editor is the ability to add text. Can’t take our word for it? Try it out and see. To add subtitles to a video on TikTok, simply follow these steps:

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Modifying the newly added text

They say that making mistakes is part of being human. Don’t panic if you add a caption to your TikTok video and then realise there’s a typo in there. You can easily tweak it by following these instructions:

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Top-Notch Tips for Adding Text to Your TikTok Videos

You can also add captions to your videos on other services like Instagram and Facebook. TikTok, however, takes things even further. It’s helpful to be able to insert text at strategic points in videos for emphasis. Or perhaps you’d prefer that the intro to your video be the only place where words appear. The following advice will help your TikTok videos look more polished and professional.

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What to type on TikTok and how to make it vanish

TikTok gives you complete control over when your captions appear. The one caveat is that you have to look at it for a full second. Choosing the appropriate length for your text is as easy as following these steps:

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How to Type More Than One Line of Text on TikTok

Having only one line of text available isn’t always sufficient. Adding your first closed caption to a video is easy if you follow the steps above. Then, read on to learn how to use the TikTok editor to add multiple texts to your videos:

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