How to Delete Multiple iPhone Contacts at Once

how to delete contacts on iphone

It’s simple to remove contacts from your iPhone, whether you’ve terminated a relationship, quit a job, or simply don’t need your old plumber’s number any longer. And after you’ve deleted a contact, you can go one step further and block them so they can’t contact you by phone or text.

How to Remove Contacts from Your iPhone

On an iPhone, there are three ways to remove contacts.

Delete specific contacts.

1. Start your iPhone’s Contacts app or launch the green Phone app and select the Contacts tab near the bottom of the screen.

2. Scroll to the contact whose name you wish to erase, then press on it.

3. To edit a contact’s information page, select Edit in the top-right corner.

4. Hit the Delete Contact button, which is highlighted in red, at the very bottom of the page.

how to delete contacts on iphone

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Delete Several Contacts Simultaneously

To perform this, you’ll need a computer. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to have already configured your iCloud account to save contacts.

1. Log into your iCloud account on the iCloud website. It’s possible that a code sent to your iPhone will be required.

Open the Contacts page next.

3. Locate and select all of the contacts you wish to delete at once. Depending on whether you’re using a Mac or PC, the procedure will vary.

  • Hold Down Command While Clicking Each Contact You Want to Delete on A Mac.
  • Hold Ctrl while clicking each contact you want to delete on a PC.

4. After you’ve selected every one of them, select Delete by clicking the gear icon in the bottom-left corner.

5. A confirmation that you want to delete the contacts will be requested. Press Delete.

Get rid of all contacts

how to delete contacts on iphone

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You Must Also Utilize Your iCloud Account if You Wish to Delete All of Your Contacts at Once.

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone, then press your name to access the Apple ID menu.

2. Select iCloud.

3. Verify the button next to Contacts is turned on on the page that appears. Tap it to turn it off if it is.

4. You will be questioned about your contact-related preferences. From My Phone, select Delete.

Your iPhone will be cleared of all of your contacts.


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