How To Disable Sidewalk On Ring: Check Out The Full Process!

How To Disable Sidewalk On Ring

Have you ever wondered how you’ll check your web-connected security cameras if a summer storm takes out your power? The good news is that you are still in luck if your smart devices are covered by Amazon Sidewalk.

Amazon added the amazing networking function known as Sidewalk to a lot of its smart home accessories.

The Sidewalk signal can be broadcast and received by a variety of Amazon products by combining Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and 900MHz radio spectrum broadcast signals.

The most essential functions of your web-connected equipment continue to function as needed even if your Wi-Fi is interrupted, thanks to Sidewalk.

For suitable smart cameras, doorbells, locks, and other items, Sidewalk connectivity also facilitates a quick setup process.

The ring is a well-known member of the Amazon family, and several of its products, including the Ring Spotlight Cam Wired, Spotlight Cam Mount, Floodlight Cam, and Floodlight Cam Pro, are Sidewalk Bridges.

While many Sidewalk-ready devices are able to receive broadcasts from Sidewalk, Bridge products are able to both receive and transmit the full spectrum of Sidewalk signals.

Are you able to shut off Amazon Sidewalk?

How To Disable Sidewalk On Ring

Amazon Sidewalk is a great emergency network for your Ring devices that is enabled by default, but some customers might not want to share priceless bandwidth throughout the zip code. Even though Sidewalk only retrieves a very little amount of data, this does not indicate that the functionality must be enabled.

Here’s how to completely turn off Sidewalk networking if you own a Ring gadget that is compatible with it.

Step1: Take the Ring app off of whichever phone or tablet it is that you have and open it.

Step2: In the top-left portion of the screen, there is a three-line menu button. After clicking the menu button, choose Control center.

Step3: The Sidewalk option can be found on the Control center screen. You can toggle Sidewalk on or off on the subsequent screen. The Ring app will prompt you for confirmation when you toggle Sidewalk off.

Sidewalk will be disabled as soon as you formally confirm.

Step4: You can use the same procedures to switch Sidewalk back on if you change your mind.

Amazon Sidewalk: Is it dangerous?

How To Disable Sidewalk On Ring

Users that use Sidewalk may feel a little nervous about the network sharing, and that worry is not unwarranted. There is always a slight possibility that hackers could attack the peripheral and your web connection once any web-connected equipment is online.

Fortunately, Amazon’s Sidewalk development team made sure that Sidewalk was built to be very protective of your bandwidth and personal information.

All Sidewalk networks use three strong layers of encryption, making it impossible for Amazon or other businesses to read any transmitted data.


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