How To Download Fortnite On iPhone? Check Out The Process To Download It Safely!

How To Download Fortnite On iPhone?

The video game Fortnite has gained popularity all over the world since its release. Apple, however, withdrew the game from its App Store when the Epic vs. Apple dispute began. Despite the fact that there is no natural way to download the game straight from anywhere, there are still a few ways to get it back on your iPhone.

Consequently, let’s look at a few various methods to download Fortnite on iOS.

Please note that these tips only work if the game has been downloaded from an Apple account at least once while it was available on the App Store. You can play alternative battle royale games on your iPhone or iPad if you haven’t downloaded the app yet.

How to get Fortnite from the App Store on an iPhone

How To Download Fortnite On iPhone?

Even if Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store, if you’ve previously played the game, you may still download it to your device. As follows:

  • Accessed the App Store.
  • On the top right, tap your profile picture.
  • Tap Purchased in this section.
  • Now look here and type “Fortnite” into the search field.
  • When you do, click the download icon to reinstall Fortnite on your iPhone.

Only those who have previously downloaded the game can use this approach. Move on to the next strategy if you’ve never done it before!

How to download Fortnite for the first time on an iPhone

How To Download Fortnite On iPhone?

On their iPhone, had anyone in your family previously downloaded Fortnite? Ask them to include you in their Family Sharing after that! You’ll be able to play the game on your device after doing this.

For this approach to function, you must use Family Sharing to connect your Apple ID with other people.

How to set up Family Sharing is as follows:

  • Click on Settings.
  • At the top, tap your name.
  • On here, select Family Sharing.
  • Now set up Family Sharing by following the instructions on the screen.
  • You’ll also have to disclose your payment information, and the accounts you link to your payment information can use it to make purchases on their own.
  • Turn on Purchase Sharing by tapping the button.
  • Return to the App Store now.
  • To access the Purchased area, follow the steps previously covered.
  • Please take note of the following instructions if you have already linked your account with any family members or acquaintances.
  • Select the shared person’s account after selecting Purchased.
  • Once more use the search bar to look for Fortnite.
  • To download the game after finding it, tap the download icon next to it.

Additionally, jailbreaking your device allows you to download Fortnite instead of using the methods mentioned above. We strongly advise against it, though, as jailbreaking voids the device’s warranty and terms and conditions.

Play via Xbox Cloud Gaming in the future for Fortnite on iOS

How To Download Fortnite On iPhone?

As of the writing of this post, it is not possible to install Fortnite on an iOS device using a new iOS account that has never done so before. Additionally, fresh Fortnite upgrades won’t be made available to iOS users who have already installed the game.

The Xbox Cloud Gaming service will now let users play Fortnite, according to a May 2022 announcement from Microsoft and Epic Games. Fortnite is accessible to iPhone and iPad users via the web browser at thanks to streaming cloud gaming.

A subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is also not necessary. To access Fortnite via cloud servers, all you need is a free Microsoft account.

  • Utilizing Safari, go to
  • Press Play for free under Fortnite.
  • Tap Prepare to have fun.
  • Share button: press it.
  • Make the choice Add to Home Screen.
  • Click Add.
  • Activate the shortcut for Cloud Gaming.
  • For nothing, click Play.
  • Enter Sign in and enter your credentials there.
  • Play by pressing the button.


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