How to Fix Lag in Android Phone Easily?

How to Fix Lag in Android Phone

If you own an Android device, it’s possible that over time you can have sluggish or hanging issues. It makes no difference whether you use a flagship or a low-cost phone. As you use the phone for an extended period of time, you can experience the same issues. You can find some solutions to the lagging problems on your Android phone in this article. So, be sure to finish reading for the most useful information.

Clear Cache

Every time you use an app or visit a website, the latter downloads various items like photos, cookies, etc. without informing you, which causes a slowing Android. This consumes a substantial portion of your RO of your storage.

How to Fix Lag in Android Phone

It impacts your RAM as well as(M internal storage) (performance-related memory). For instance: Take a look at this Clash of Clans screenshot I took on my phone. It only costs 127 MB to download, but because of the cache, it takes up roughly 753 MB. As a result, you can anticipate any potential risk.

How Do I Clear Cache?

You may easily fix cache-related problems on your phone. You must access the device settings to make things right. Find “Storage” and select “cached data.” You might see the changes for yourself after this cache was deleted. It will become a lot snappier on your phone. Additionally, you could download programs like CCleaner or AVG Cleaner.

How to Fix Lag in Android Phone

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One tap on these apps would accomplish the same thing. Additionally, several businesses, including Samsung, provide built-in services to remove the cache. With Samsung’s “Device Care,” you have the option to automatically delete cached data. As a result, the program will clear the cache for you, saving you time and effort.

Disable/ Uninstall unused Apps

Every new phone you buy contains a number of pre-installed applications. Most of the time, they are not utilized as frequently and simply add to the burden on your phone. Additionally, you might not be able to remove those programs, such as Google Apps, etc.

You should just turn off the apps in these circumstances. You must long-press the app icon and select “disable” to accomplish this. This will allow you to free up some storage by removing the app from your app tray. Recent Android versions now allow you to put many apps to sleep.

How to Fix Lag in Android Phone

When you pick the “sleep” option, the program is kept in standby mode until you wish to use it again. Additionally, you should make it a practice to routinely review all the programs you use and remove those that you seldom ever use. This greatly improves the performance of the gadgets.

Disable Auto Sync

An option in Android called Auto Sync keeps you informed about your emails and more while it’s running in the background. Your phone slows down because it consumes a lot of rams when running in the background. Your phone lags more as a result.

How to Fix Lag in Android Phone

Software Updates

Companies provide improved user experiences with each software upgrade. They also address a lot of bugs. Additionally, bugs could make your phone hang. As a result, you should always keep the software on your phone updated to avoid an Android device that lags.

You must return to Settings in order to verify that the most recent software update has been installed. Look for and select the “Software Update” option there. You will see the choices “Check For Updates” or “Download Manually.” You can download and install the newest versions by clicking on this.

How to Fix Lag in Android Phone updates


A percentage of the RAM on your phone is used by each application you use. There will be less RAM available for the app you wish to use if multiple apps are running in the background since a larger portion of your RAM will be occupied. Therefore, be sure to keep all undesirable programs from the recent apps closed.

You’ll experience fewer hanging problems as a result. You can use these easy but effective techniques to speed up and reduce hanging on an Android phone that is laggy. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments area below.

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How to Fix Lag in Android Phone multitasking


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