How To Fix an Unrecognized SD Card in Your Mobile Device in 6 Easy Steps

how to fix unsupported sd card in android phone

In the event that the phone’s internal memory is inadequate, Android devices often support external storage in the form of a microSD card. If you’re a gamer or someone who likes to take lots of photographs and movies, you’ll appreciate the convenience of a device with an SD card slot.

An SD card, however, can occasionally be unreliable. You may be wondering, “How.” You’ve probably encountered the “SD card not detected on mobile” or “memory card not appearing on mobile” alert on your phone at some point.

A phone’s inability to read an SD card may be the result of a number of factors, including the use of a counterfeit card, physical damage to the card, improper handling, an older version of the phone’s software, etc. You can begin troubleshooting by replacing the sd card in its slot. If your Android device is still having trouble reading an SD card, try one of the following:

1. Easiest Way- Reboot Your Phone

The inability to use an SD card on an Android device can be resolved by restarting the device. Take remove the memory card and batteries now. Carefully insert both of these back into the device. Turn on the phone and see if it recognizes the microSD card.

2. Use a Card Reader and Computer to Fix the Problem

how to fix unsupported sd card in android phone

If an SD card is corrupt and your phone is unable to read it, try fixing the card on a computer instead. What gives? Please proceed as outlined below:

  • First, place the memory card inside the card reader, and then place the card reader inside the computer.
  • SD Card/Disk Drive should now be shown under “My Computer.”
  • Select “Property” from the context menu after right-clicking the disc.
  • To begin, navigate to the Tools menu.
  • Select Drive Checking, then Repair in the area labeled Error-Checking.
  • The memory card should be ejected once the drive has been fixed. Replace it on your phone and see if it can be found.

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3. Repair Sd Card Not Detected in Mobile by Chkdsk Command

Your Android might not recognize the memory card if there are issues on the inside. Follow these instructions to see if you can solve the issue.

      • The Disk Management window will pop up once you select This Computer or My Computer > Manage > Disk Management.
      • The next step is to locate the SD card in the disc viewer and see if the computer recognizes it.
      • To enter the following, hit Win+R. Enter after pressing CMD
        Now, press Enter after typing chkdsk D: / f.

4. Unmount the SD Card

how to fix unsupported sd card in android phone

You may access the storage section of your Android settings menu by tapping the cog icon. Locate the SD card component in the archive. Choosing “Unmount SD Card” or “Mount SD Card” from that menu will do just that. To get Android to recognize the SD card again, do the same. Make sure the phone isn’t linked to the computer while you do this.

Remount the memory card, power down the phone, then turn it back on. See if the issue persists after the phone has restarted and whether or not the SD card is recognized.

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5. Updating the SD Card Driver

Your Android device might not be able to read the SD card if the corresponding driver is out of the current. In order to restore SD card read/write access, please execute the steps outlined below.

  • Get your SD or memory card hooked up to your PC.
  • Select Manage or This Computer from the Start menu.
  • Click Device Manager in the sidebar on the left of your screen.
  • There should be a yellow warning triangle next to the USB Serial Bus controller now; click it, and then right-click > Update Driver Software > click search for updated driver software automatically.
  • You must now patiently await the completion of the driver installation. Try restarting your computer and seeing whether the phone recognizes the SD card then.

6. Formatting the SD Card

If none of those options work, formatting the memory or SD card is your next best bet. When formatting the card, all data on it will be erased, thus it’s important to have a backup ready in case this happens.

To use the SD card, insert it into the computer and proceed as follows:

  • The SD card you were just looking at can be found in “This PC” or “My Computer.”
  • Simply format the SD card by right-clicking on it and selecting the appropriate format.
    Initiate the FAT32 file system.
  • Mark the box labeled Quick Format, and then press the Start button to begin the SD card formatting operation.
  • When you’re done, remove the SD card from your computer and put it back into your phone to see whether the issue persists.
  • Here are some fast solutions to try if your phone still can’t see the SD card. An SD card is a must-have for perfectionists when it comes to data management. Due to this, the issue of it being invisible might be very problematic.
  • If you find yourself in a situation where your Android refuses to recognize the memory card, we hope the aforementioned options will help.


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