What Are the Steps to Combine PDF Files in Windows 10? Detailed Information Follows.

how to merge pdf files in windows 10

Learn how to combine numerous PDFs into one cohesive document for easier organization at home, in the office, or anywhere else.

Managing all of your digital files—whether they’re for business, education, or personal use—can be overwhelming at times. Whether it’s a huge collection of family recipes or a series of staff onboarding documents, combining PDFs is a quick and easy way to declutter your digital filing cabinet. Let’s look into the simple actions you can take to do this.

Combine Two or More PDF Files with These Steps.

how to merge pdf files in windows 10

PDFs in Windows 10 are automatically opened in Edge, the system’s default document viewer. Even though Edge is a great tool for viewing PDFs, it does not support merging PDFs.

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You’ll have to resort to using a different app or website for that. Read on to learn where to find an online version of Adobe Acrobat and how to merge PDFs:

  • Click the link to access Acrobat Online.
  • Files can be uploaded by dragging and dropping them, or by clicking the Select files button and browsing for them in the resulting dialogue box.
  • Select Merge once all of your files have been uploaded.

how to merge pdf files in windows 10

After the files have been combined, you can reorganize and reorder them as needed. When you’re through making edits to your document and are satisfied with the results, you can save it as a PDF or take additional steps to share it with others.

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Not to mention, if you do end up with high file size, you can simply compress it to make it smaller and easier to share.

Learn more about the (paperless) benefits of using Acrobat online services to merge, sort, and exchange documents.


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