How to Recover Deleted files from SD Card with 3 Steps

The SD card has become one of the most used storage devices for most people in the world now. Due to its small size, large storage capacities and compatibility with many different electronic devices, it is a very common device for storage nowadays. Given the data found in your SD Card, what happens if you delete it and later on need it again? Also, you can accidentally delete important files from your SD Card while deleting files you no longer need.

PART 1: Can You Recover Deleted Files from SD Card?

This is a very common question as many people accidentally delete one or two files from time to time. Considering how important these files may be, it is a major concern for most people if they can recover deleted files from SD Card. Fortunately, it is possible to recover deleted files from your SD Card. If you performed a backup prior to the deletion of the files, you can easily recover your deleted files by performing a backup restore. However, if you didn’t perform a recent backup before deletion, this method won’t work.

The best way to recover deleted files from your SD Card is by using good third-party data recovery software like iBeesoft Data Recovery. When files are deleted from your SD Card, the files are still present in your SD Card. These files are marked to be overwritten by any incoming files you want to put into your SD Card. As long as you properly handle your SD Card and do not overwrite the deleted files with new files, you can still recover your data from your device. For effective recovery of data, you have to follow certain instructions to prevent permanent data loss;

–          Start the data recovery process as fast as possible: The longer you wait, the lower your chances of recovering your data.

–          Do not modify the SD Card from which you accidentally deleted your files: If you add files to your SD Card, you will overwrite the deleted files and this will permanently delete your lost files.

–          Use professional data recovery software like iBeesoft Data Recovery software: Using any type of recovery software can result in permanent damage and data loss.

PART 2: Recover Deleted Files from SD Card with iBeesoft Data Recovery

As earlier mentioned, using professional data recovery software is the key to recover your data successfully. iBeesoft Data Recovery Software is one of the industry’s giants for data recovery. This is easy to use and effective data recovery software. No matter the situation of the data loss including accidental deletions, you can recover your lost files from your SD Card. One of the main advantages of this software is its compatibility with both Windows and MacOs. With over 2000 supported storage devices, recover over 1000 file types lost from 500 data loss scenarios with a file recovery success rate of 99.65%. Also, iBeesoft Data Recovery comes in 20+ languages, which explains why it is preferred and used all over the world. Though you can recover your data with just a few clicks. What’s more, it is able to recover data from corrupted SD card as well.

To recover deleted files from your SD Card using iBeesoft Data Recovery, follow the guidelines below;

  • Download and install iBeesoft Data Recovery on your Computer: Install the virus-free software from the official website. Make sure to choose between Windows and Mac Version.
  • Scan The SD Card for the deleted files: Connect your SD card to your computer through the memory card slot or a memory card adapted through the USB port. Once connected, launch the software from your computer. Locate the SD card from which you want to recover data, hover the mouse over the SD Card and click on “Scan”. If you want to recover a specific file type, you can click on “Go to settings” at the bottom of the Window and unselect the undesired file types.
  • Preview and Recovery of Recoverable Files: You can preview recovery files during or after the scanning process. Locate the files you want to recover, select them and click on “Recover” so as to save them to another location on your computer.

Following these steps, you can recover any file which you accidentally deleted from your SD Card.

NB: iBeesoft Data Recovery has a free trial version as well as a full version. The free version only displays the files which you can recover but only the full version enables you to recover your files.

How to Avoid Data Loss from SD Card

iBeesoft Data Recovery helps you to recover your files when you lose them. Nevertheless, as the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”. It is important to prevent data loss from your SD Card. Some ways to prevent data loss from your SD Card include;

  • Prevent physical damage on your SD Card by keeping it away from water, excess heat and other mechanical agents which could damage it.
  • Handle the SD Card properly by plugging and unplugging it carefully to prevent data corruption in your SD Card.
  • Only insert your SD Card on computers that have good and up to date antivirus software.
  • Perform regular backups of your SD Card files to always have a safe copy.
  • Do not use one SD Card on multiple devices.

SD Cards are becoming more and more popular for data storage as they are used in almost all devices. Many people trust SD Cards for data storage and put their most important files in them. However, just as any other device, your SD Card can lose files either by accidental deletion or other data loss scenarios.

Using professional data recovery software like iBeesoft Data Recovery which makes use of advanced technology, you can recover your deleted files from your SD card. It is however necessary to avoid overwriting the deleted files by transferring new files into the SD card before the data recovery process to increase your chances of data recovery.

Finally, you can avoid data loss by properly handling your SD Card as well as your files in the SD Card when in use. This will keep your files safe from damage or deletion. But in case of data loss, iBeesoft Data Recovery got your back.

This method works for all software related concerns with data loss. When your data loss situation is due to hardware failure, it is best to get to a professional repairer as fast as possible to solve the problem.

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