How to Quickly Change Macintosh Keyboard Languages?

how to switch language in mac keyboard

You don’t have to switch the keyboard language if all you ever do is incorporate a few symbols or foreign characters into your writing. Without a special keyboard for that language, it’s impossible to type in a language other than English on a MacBook. If you need help, here’s a manual you can use.

How to Change Keyboard Language on Mac?

Apple’s macOS, like other operating systems, allows you to use a variety of languages and input methods. Changing the Mac keyboard layout to a different language or switching between languages may not seem like a big deal at first.

However, this is something that many users miss entirely. If you are one of the many people who switch between languages on their keyboard, this guide will be useful.

  • Open the Apple menu.
  • Select the Settings menu.
  • To use the keyboard, click the corresponding icon.
  • Navigate to the tab labeled “Input Sources.”
  • Simply add a language by clicking the plus sign.
  • Select the plus sign and click it.
  • Whenever necessary, use the input menu in the Menu bar to switch between input sources.

As a reminder, the Input menu will always be shown on the menu bar. Simply pressing the Caps Lock key will toggle between the Latin input source and the current language. By depressing and holding the key, you can switch to an all-caps mode.

How to Switch Language on MacBook?

How to Quickly Switch Macintosh Keyboard Languages

If you’re using the most up-to-date version of macOS, Big Sur, the Apple menu will be in the top left of your Desktop.

Click on System Preferences after that to bring up the System preferences panel.

Click the Keyboard button (pictured).

A new window will pop up; when it does, select the Input Sources tab and add the language by clicking the Add button (a plus symbol).

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How to Quickly Switch Macintosh Keyboard Languages

After the appropriate input sources have been added, the language will appear in the Language & Region section of the settings menu. At any time, you can switch Mac’s keyboard language by selecting Input from the Menu bar.

How to Quickly Switch Macintosh Keyboard Languages

Last but not least, when you use a non-standard input source, the keys you see and press could seem different than the characters that appear when you press the keys on a standard keyboard.

The Mac Keyboard Viewer can be accessed from the Input Sources menu if you need to see which keys should be utilized or pushed.

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Change Keyboard Language Shortcut Mac

How to Quickly Switch Macintosh Keyboard Languages

To move to the next available input source in the Input menu, press the Option + Control + Space bar keys simultaneously, or press the Control + Space bar to move backward.

Pressing the Fn key displays a list of your input sources; continue pressing the key until the input source you wish to switch to is selected. Alternatively, you can change input sources by setting an option in Keyboard options to do so.


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