How to Data Transfer from ios to Android? Easily Move Your Information

how to transfer data from iphone to android

To make the switch from an iPhone to an Android phone, you’ll have a long list of things to complete. Whether you’re upgrading to the Pixel 6 from Google or the next Galaxy Z Flip 4 from Samsung, moving your data can be a major pain if you aren’t prepared.

The tiny plastic adapter that Google and Samsung (sometimes) include in the box is the key to a painless data transfer. The equivalent of hiring movers to transport your belongings, unpack them, and set up your new home in the exact same style as your old one!

There is a USB-A connector on one end of the converter and a USB-C connector on the other, allowing you to sync your new iPhone with your old one. A USB-C to lightning connection can also be used with more recent iPhone models, such as the iPhone 11.

Images, movies, documents, music, and even wallpaper can all be transferred with the help of the adapter. Free iOS apps that are also available for Android can be downloaded directly from the app store. Although Apple’s iMessage service isn’t compatible with an Android phone, you can still transfer your message history and threads to your new device.

Switch from iPhone to A Google Pixel Phone

how to transfer data from iphone to android

The first thing you should do if you’re making the switch from an iPhone to a Google Pixel is to charge both devices. The next thing to do is disable iMessage on all of your Apple devices, or any device that is signed in with your AppleID. Turn iMessage off in Settings Messages.

Put in your SIM card (if one was included), power up your new Pixel, and hit the home button. Once you’ve established a wireless connection, you can proceed to copy your information. Finally, you can insert the Lightning end of your power line into the bottom of your unlocked iPhone.

Then, connect the other end to the Quick Switch Adaptor (the “magic adapter”), as dubbed by Google (QSA). Finally, connect the QSA to the Pixel. It is also possible to utilize a USB-C to Lightning cable.

Select Trust on your iPhone if prompted to do so. Enter your Google Account information into the Pixel. Next, select the content you wish to copy (pictures, music, messages, etc.), and then press Copy.

Time for your Pixel to do the actual data transmission. This could take anywhere from a few minutes to a number of hours, depending on how many items you’re transporting. You can continue setting up your phone, such as inputting a PIN or configuring Google Assistant and Google Pay, while the transfer completes.

You will be finished after the transfer is complete. Verify that everything you expected to move over to Google did so, and kick back and relax.

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Switch from An iPhone to A Samsung Galaxy Phone

Adapters are included with new Samsung Galaxy phones, while wireless data transfer is also an option. In order to save time, the adapter is what I suggest you use. As an alternative, you can use a USB-C to Lightning cable to link the devices.

As with the Pixel transfer, you’ll want to start by making sure both phones are fully charged and turning off iMessage on your iPhone.

You may avoid having to wait by setting up your Galaxy phone as if it were brand new and then transferring your data, unlike with the Pixel. Launch the Smart Switch app on your Samsung device to begin the switch. The app download could take a few moments on your phone.

When you open it, you may be asked if you want to send or receive information. Input “Receive” After that, decide whether you’ll be transferring by Wi-Fi or a cable. Then, link the two gadgets with the help of the adapter and your iPhone’s lightning cable; if you’re sharing data wirelessly, there’s no need to do this.

Tap Trust on the iPhone, and a message reading “Connecting to your iPhone” will appear on the Samsung device. It’s possible that your iPhone would require you to input your password during backup if you’ve enabled encryption. That’s the passcode for your Apple ID.

The Samsung phone will then perform data extraction from your iPhone. This may take a few minutes, but after it’s done, you’ll be able to pick and select which pieces of information to transfer.

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Then, select the arrow that points to “Transfer.” The time it takes to complete the transfer itself may range from a few minutes to an hour. When the process is complete, you should examine your new Samsung phone and verify the information contained within it. If you can’t find your pictures and clips in Gallery, try looking for them in Google Photos.

You can now experience the full potential of Android 12 on your new phone, with all of your data safely transferred across.


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