When Microsoft added OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology to the new ChatGPT-based Bing Chat tab, Bing search became much more popular and could now have conversations. Now. Bing Image Creator gives you another way to use it. It takes what you write and turns it into a picture.

Microsoft’s blog post says that Bing Image Creator uses an updated version of OpenAI’s Dall-E. That means it can make digital pictures, drawings, and paintings for you that look like photos based on the text you give it.

How to Get Access to Bing Image Creator

You can use Bing Image Creator in two ways. The easiest way is to go to bing.com/create, which will show you a preview of Image Creator right in your browser. Everyone can use this, and it’s a good place to try it out, even on a phone.

The fuller version of it, called Bing Chat Copilot, can be found in the new Edge web browser. But Microsoft is rolling it out in stages, and only about 20% of users have access to it at this point. It’s also only available in Creative mode right now, but Balanced and Precise modes are being worked on right now.

Try different devices and Microsoft’s mobile apps to see if you can use Bing Chat. You could have it somewhere but not somewhere else. For example, I can use Bing Image Creator on my computer but not on my phone.

How to Get Started

First, let’s talk about what you can do at bing.com/create with Bing Image Creator. When you get to that page, the Image Creator preview will take up the whole page, and a prompt box will be at the top.

Bing Image Creator generated a realistic, yet artistic image of a hand drawing a hand.

It can be simple or very detailed and full of details. Microsoft says that you can start your Bing Chat prompt with “draw an image” or “create an image” and then describe what you want to see with a few words. Image Creator will make four images in about 15 seconds, no matter which way you do it.

Click on any of the large thumbnails to make the picture bigger. The image is 1024 x 1024 pixels, which is a good size.

From the full-size image view, you can share a link, add it to a collection, or save the picture to your computer. There’s also a “Feedback” button, and it’s likely that Microsoft would like any comments or suggestions about the quality or suitability of an image.

You start with 25 boosts, which are shown to the right of the prompt box. One boost is used for each set of four images. Even without boosts, you can still use Bing Image Creator, but it will take longer to make pictures.

You can also look at the results of recent prompts or click on the “Explore ideas” tab to see examples of art and a list of frequently asked questions about getting started.

If you are one of the lucky few who can use the Edge Copilot to access Bing Image Creator, you can do much more. You won’t know for sure if it works or not until you ask Bing Chat to draw or make an image for you. If you don’t have access, Bing will tell you that it can’t draw images and will instead give you a detailed description of what you asked for.

In either case, make sure you choose “Creative” from the three options, since Image Creator hasn’t yet been added to the “Balanced” or “Precise” modes.

Using Image Creator in Bing Chat is powerful because it lets you change or “edit” images. If you want to change the colour of something or add or take away parts of an image that Bing made, all you have to do is tell it to. It all flows naturally through chat, unlike something like Stable Diffusion, where you have to give prompts.

As the tweet’s example shows, Bing Chat will know how to add to the image based on what you’ve asked for before. This is another thing you can’t do with the version on bing.com right now.

When Your Prompt Doesn’t Work

Bing Image Creator makes beautiful images but errors are likely.

Bing Image Creator is based on Dall-E and has the same good points and bad points. There’s a good chance that your prompt will inspire an image that is interesting and maybe even beautiful.

Sometimes the result will be a letdown. Images that are made will probably have messed up faces, limbs that are joined together, and the wrong number of fingers.

It is possible to do prompt engineering, but technology is changing so fast that it might not be worth spending hours learning about specific prompts. It’s best to just say what you want and explain more about the most important part of a scene.

If you want a picture that looks like a photo, use photography terms. Mentioning bokeh, sharp focus, and even the brand and type of camera and lens could help.

For paintings or drawings, use terms like impressionism, modern art, or cubism to describe the style. You can say the names of artists, but morally, this is a grey area. If you name an artist, you’re basically replacing that person with a computer, which could be against their copyright. Image generation is still being looked at to see if it is legal.

If you’re having trouble with generated fingers, try adding a semicolon and asking for fingers that are natural, proportional, and not distorted. The AI can usually understand what you say, but it doesn’t know enough about the real world. You can tell it what to do like you would with an artist, but you still need to explain things that a person would understand right away.

Bing Chat and Bing Image Creator Combined

Use Bing Chat for the easiest way to make a good image prompt. Ask it to write an idea for a picture or drawing, then copy and paste it into Bing Image Creator.

Most of the time, the result will be better than if you just gave a short, simple description on your own. You can also use the prompt from Bing Chat as a starting point for your own, more personalised version, changing any parts that don’t fit your idea of the picture you want.

You might get too long suggestions from Bing Chat. The most important information is usually at the beginning of a prompt, so it might still work even if the end is cut off.

In some situations, the prompt that is made won’t work. I asked the Bing Chat to draw me a pirate, and it gave me a description with a skull and crossbones. This symbol, called a “Jolly Roger,” is often seen on a pirate flag.

When Bing Image Creator said the prompt was inappropriate, I just asked Bing Chat to change it so it wouldn’t cause a content warning. This question was good.

Where to Use Bing Image Creator Pictures

Bing Image Creator full-screen user interface.

Like all AI image and text generators, Bing Image Creator is a powerful tool that can change how we do research, learn, write, and show both written and visual ideas. AI isn’t the one who makes things, it gets its ideas from what people come up with.

When you use Bing Image Creator, don’t forget about the people who made it possible. Photographers and artists helped make this possible, and we need to keep supporting their creative spirit, even if we use AI to make images.

Just like you might use photos as references and art to get ideas, the results from Bing Image Creator can help you get past a tough creative block. Even if it’s not useful, the AI will give you something interesting. That might be enough for you to start making your own thing.

For editorial content, Bing Image Creator can make images that show a concept that can’t be captured in a photo or that put together things that don’t usually go together.

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