IFA 2022: LG Mood Up Fridge with LED Light Panels and Bluetooth Speaker!

IFA 2022: LG Mood Up Fridge with LED Light Panels and Bluetooth Speaker!

The company’s most recent smart refrigerator, the LG MoodUp, was launched at IFA 2022. Customers can choose from a variety of colours to illuminate the LED panels on the front of the South Korean company’s most recent refrigerator.

Users can select from 22 different colour options for the upper doors and 19 different colour options for the lower panels on the fridge’s doors, which have several RGB panels.

Colour- and nature-based themes are additional customization choices. Additionally, the LG MoodUP refrigerator has a Bluetooth speaker that can be connected to a smartphone to stream music as the LED panels change colours.

With its Bespoke refrigerators, rival Samsung offers customers customization possibilities, but the new LG MoodUp refrigerator takes customization to a new level by enabling users to connect their smartphones and alter the colours of the fridge on demand. There is no information on plans to introduce the new fridge in India, and the business has not yet disclosed pricing or availability specifics in the US.

By adding colour-based themes like Season, Place, Mood, and Pop, owners of the MoodUp refrigerator will be able to personalise the refrigerator’s appearance and feel, according to LG.

IFA 2022: LG Mood Up Fridge with LED Light Panels and Bluetooth Speaker!

In addition, users can manually select one of 22 colour possibilities for the top doors, while 19 colour options will be available for the bottom doors.

With an integrated Bluetooth speaker, users of the new LG refrigerator can stream music from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop while the LED panels change colour in time with the music. The refrigerator has a Lux Gray and Lux White look when the panels are off, according to LG.

The LG MoodUp refrigerator has WiFi, Bluetooth, and an on-device AI system that supports voice recognition. When the fridge door is left ajar, users can get alerts by watching the left door blink repeatedly.

The freezer door, which glows brighter at night to aid owners in opening the door, can also cause the panels to blink as you go closer to the refrigerator, the manufacturer claims.


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