In Her Daughter Olivia Jade’s Video, Lori Loughlin Makes An Appearance!

In Her Daughter Olivia Jade's Video, Lori Loughlin Makes An Appearance!

There is Lori Loughlin at home. The former cast member of Full House unexpectedly appeared on screen during a FaceTime conversation with the influencer in her daughter Olivia Jade’s most recent YouTube video. The video, which was published on July 5, showed Olivia exercising, baking a coffee cake, and going grocery shopping before picking up the phone to talk to her mother before dinner.

Lori waved at the camera while wearing a set of glasses on her head and exclaimed, “Hey!” Hello, cute!

The actress then laughed when her daughter, 22, referred to mom as a “cutie pie.”

In Her Daughter Olivia Jade's Video, Lori Loughlin Makes An Appearance!

Olivia Jade said, “I want to eat her because she’s so cute,” in an English accent.

Two weeks have passed since Lori made her first red carpet appearance following her incarceration for her part in the infamous college admissions scandal. The 57-year-old attended the DesignCare 2022 Gala in Los Angeles on June 18 to show her support for her longtime friend Holly Robinson Peete and her HollyRod Foundation.

She told journalists present at the occasion that “the foundation performs fantastic things.” “I just wanted to convey my love and come out.”

For conspiring to commit wire and mail fraud, Lori was imprisoned for less than two months before being released from prison in December 2020. Despite making her first acting appearance since the controversy on the When Hope Calls spin-off series of When Calls the Heart, Lori has mostly maintained a low profile since her release.

In Her Daughter Olivia Jade's Video, Lori Loughlin Makes An Appearance!

The showrunner of the spin-off previously revealed to E! News that Lori’s comeback to television was “seamless.”

Alfonso Moreno remarked, “I believe she just felt extremely welcomed from the first day and obviously understands this character so I think she just had fun.” It wasn’t especially emotional; rather, it was about getting back to work because she is such an expert.


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