India’s National Cinema Day is Scheduled for September 16 and Movie Tickets Cost 75 Rupees!

India's National Cinema Day is Scheduled for September 16 and Movie Tickets Cost 75 Rupees!

The price has been significantly reduced in honor of National Cinema Day in India. In honor of the successful reopening of cinemas nationwide, movie tickets will be just Rs. 75 on Friday, September 16.

More than 4,000 participating theatres will provide the special one-day-only offer, which will entice moviegoers to spend the entire day at the movies. The official websites for the participating theatres, such as PVR, INOX, Cinépolis, and others have not been updated, but the offer is valid at all of the main theatres.

In order to express gratitude to moviegoers for supporting the theatre industry, the Multiplex Association of India (MAI) has launched the offer.

With theatres like AMC and Cinemark lowering ticket costs this weekend to $3 (about Rs. 240), National Cinema Day, a brand-new celebration, is already generating media attention in the US.

The event is slated for Saturday, September 3, and will cost £3 in the UK, where theatres are also following suit (about Rs. 277).

On September 16, theatres in India will also participate. The National Cinema Day website states that all movies, regardless of format or language, would be priced equally and does not indicate any restrictions. In spite of this, the sum excludes any additional taxes that may be charged for using third-party online applications or websites to make purchases.

India's National Cinema Day is Scheduled for September 16 and Movie Tickets Cost 75 Rupees!

For instance, BookMyShow in India is still required to add additional internet costs and GST to the Rs. 75 price tag. Go wait in line as you used to in the old days if you prefer to save every penny.

A trailer, though it is US-focused, is also available on the National Cinema Day website, promoting some of the films that will be seen in theatres.

Indian theatres will undoubtedly concentrate on regional fare, including films from the Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and other Indian film industries, including the upcoming Brahmstra, starring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, and scheduled to release on September 9.

We also have a tonne of Hollywood films that have been in theatres for a while or have made a comeback, as in the case of Spider-Man: No Way Home, which was rereleased on Friday with new material.

INOX, Cinépolis, BookMyShow, and PVR have not yet updated their websites, as was previously mentioned. As we draw closer to September 16th, more specifics regarding National Cinema Day will become available.


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