Your Next Infinix SmartPhone might have a color-changing Leather Back 2022

Infinix SmartPhone color-changing Leather Back 2022

Over the last couple of years, Infinix smartphone manufacturers have already been experimenting to color-changing back panels. As far back as 2020, we saw OnePlus and Vivo show off their color-changing back panel technology for the first time. Smartphones with color-changing backs are already available from brands like Realme and Vivo. Currently, this is only available for plastic back panels. Infinix, on the other hand, has developed a new method for changing the color of a smartphone’s leather-based back panel. The following are the facts.

Infinix New Future Light-Paiting Leather Technology

An Infinix smartphone’s leather-based back panel can change color when exposed to UV or sunlight thanks to a new technology called Future Light-Painting Leather. Last year, the Concept Phone 2021 showed off the company’s color-changing technology. This new technology, however, enables leather to transform into a different color, unlike the Concept Phone’s plastic back, and it is reversible, meaning that the leather will return to its original color once it is no longer exposed to sunlight.

Future Light-Paiting Leather Technology

The leather-based color-changing technology was developed by the company’s engineers over a six-month period. For color-changing capabilities, Infinix has integrated “photochromic polymers” into the leather. When these photochromic polymers are exposed to sunlight, their molecular structures change, resulting in the color-changing phenomenon!

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Infinix also claims that stencils can be used to create unique, custom patterns on the back panel because the technology works with sunlight. Of course, this would only be a temporary fix. Leather-yellowing after prolonged use can be eliminated by re-working the leather structure, the company claims.

Infinix Future Light-Paiting Leather Technology

In addition, the Future Light-Painting Leather technology uses UV light and does not require significant power from the smartphone. The battery life won’t be affected because it’s a standby feature on smartphones.

Infinix has confirmed that its upcoming smartphones will feature color-changing leather technology. However, it did not provide any information about the devices’ release dates. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next. Let us know what you think about Infinix’s new color-changing leather technology in the comments section below. If you want more related post then you can bookmark the on your device.

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