Insta360’s New X3 Camera: Makes 360-Degree Shooting Easier!

Insta360's New X3 Camera Makes Shooting All Around You Easier Than Ever Before

Shenzhen-based Insta360 has announced a new 360-degree camera, cementing its position as the industry leader. With improved sensors, a greater resolution, and more features, it surpasses the ONE X2.

This is the logical progression for what was formerly known as the ONE series. Following the original ONE, the ONE X and X2 were made available. Insta 360 has since replaced the “ONE” with the X3 instead.

Action/adventure fans, social media content providers, and anybody else who values the wide range of options available in post-production that high-quality 360 cameras enable will likely find the new camera to have fantastic specifications and a number of fascinating features that will appeal to them.

Insta360's New X3 Camera Makes Shooting All Around You Easier Than Ever Before

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Improved Picture Quality

The new 1/2′′ 48MP sensors in the Insta360 X3 offer significant resolution and image quality enhancements over its predecessor.

Single-Lens Mode is unbeatable when you have a distinct vision for your material and only need one point of view. This mode, which has been updated to 4K quality, is ideal for first-person, immersive views of the action, particularly chest-mounted pictures. For even more immersive POVs, a new 170° MaxView at 2.7K is also available.

72MP images for incredibly detailed stills make the X3 the 360 action camera with the greatest megapixels ever. It also records 8K 360 time-lapses, which are ideal for both cityscapes and natural scenery.

Additionally, the resolution and frame rates of Bullet Time, the Matrix-like slow motion effect made possible by swinging the camera in a circle over your head, have been increased to 4K 120fps and 3K 180fps.

Action Prepared.

Your video is ultra-stable throughout the entire action thanks to X3’s six-axis gyroscope and FlowState stabilization. 360° Horizon Lock maintains the horizon level even when you totally rotate the camera, unlike other action cameras that tap out at 45°.

Out of the box, Insta360 X3 is tough and waterproof to 33 feet (10 meters). For those who desire more safety when creating action sports, lens guards are also an option.

X3 will detect an action even if you are unsure of its timing. The updated Loop Recording mode turns the X3 into a dashcam that continually records video but only saves the last few minutes in accordance with your preset interval to conserve valuable memory card space.

Insta360's New X3 Camera Makes Shooting All Around You Easier Than Ever Before

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Simple Operation

The Insta360 X3 has the same candy bar shape as its predecessors while introducing significant changes to make it simpler to use, particularly while in use:

  • A 2.29″ Touchscreen Made of Toughened Glass for Simple Setting Changes and Previews.
  • Even While Wearing Gloves, Four Buttons Make It Simple to Manage Your Shot.
  • Direction Focus Audio Makes Sure that Even when You Reframe, the Audio Keeps up With the Action.
  • The Camera Is Powered by A Strong New 1800m Ah Battery Throughout the Action.

Ai-Driven Editing

The Insta360 smartphone app employs AI technology to democratize content creation by giving producers access to tools and effects that would typically need years of practice to perfect. The hilarious Nose Mode, the brand-new cinematic Street Lapse, and the simply awesome Sky Swap are just a few of the 30+ viral-worthy effects that producers can create with just a few taps using Shot Lab.

You have a variety of options for reframing your video, like using the Snap Wizard feature to physically position your phone in the desired direction, using Deep Track 2.0 to select a target to track, or using Auto Frame to allow artificial intelligence to determine the key moments for you. With the new Photo Animator, which animates a static photo for you, photos can also get magical treatment.

Insta360 Studio, which offers fine controls and increased resolution, is now accessible to producers who prefer a desktop approach.

Available Now

Insta360 X3 is available to order globally from September 8, 2022, via Insta360.comAmazon (U.S., Europe, and Japan), and select retailers. It retails for US$449.99. Accessories sold separately include lens guards, an invisible cold shoe, a mic adapter, and the Quick Reader.


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