Instagram Celebrity Raccoon Crossword Clue: Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Instagram Celebrity Raccoon Crossword Clue

Recently, a question regarding the Instagram star raccoon was posed in a daily-themed crossword puzzle game. Following that, every crossword clue seeks its solution.

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Crossword Solution for Instagram Celebrity Raccoon

Instagram Celebrity Raccoon Crossword Clue


That famous raccoon’s Instagram account has millions of followers, and her name is Pumpkin. You’re probably wondering how a raccoon could get so many followers on Instagram and become a star.

The Full Story Is Here

All of these incidents took place in Nassau, the Bahamas’ national city. A woman named Rosie Kemp’s backyard was the destination of this newborn raccoon that had fallen from the tree.

Instagram Celebrity Raccoon Crossword Clue

Lady fractured her leg while saving a raccoon. She awaited the return of the baby raccoon to the tree by its mother. But it does not take place. Her decision to retain the little raccoon followed. She has already adopted two dogs.

The woman started referring to the infant raccoon as “Pumpkin”. Baby Pumpkin and the two dogs started getting along pretty quickly.

Lady began regularly posting videos of pumpkins on social media sites like Instagram. The young raccoon gained popularity after people began to like it, and the pumpkin, who now has 1.3 million Instagram followers and is gaining more each day, became a celebrity.


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